Quick Editing of Documents in Clarity PPM

With the solution itd Document Drive for Clarity PPM, you can edit, version, and save documents without the need for any additional downloading and uploading.

When trying to edit documents in Clarity PPM, you quickly hit the technical limits of the system. To edit, documents must first be downloaded, saved locally and then uploaded back to Clarity PPM. Since those are stored in different places in the tool, it also takes time to locate them.

itd Document Drive

Our Solution

With itd Document Drive, you can edit your documents from Clarity PPM in a flash. The navigation of your Windows Explorer gives you an overview of all the documents stored in the tool, which you can open and edit directly. Your edited version will then be automatically saved in Clarity PPM without overwriting the original document. This makes time-consuming local caching as well as manual uploads and downloads obsolete.

Your Benefits

  • Easy editing of documents from Clarity PPM
  • Overview of all documents in the tool
  • Automatic saving and versioning of documents
  • Time saving through reduced manual effort
Easy editing, saving and versioning of your documents in Clarity PPM
Your documents from Clarity PPM directly in the Explorer

These Features Bring Your Advantage

  • Access to CA PPM Document Management System (DMS) via a local directory
  • Supports any existing WebDAV client
  • Full integration with the standard Clarity PPM DMS functionality
  • Display of folder structures and files as well as file and folder operations
  • Respects the versioning of documents

Additional Benefits

Quick Installation

High Performance

Easy Configuration

Reliable Support

Make Your Clarity PPM Unbeatable, Too!

Do you have a specific requirement for your Clarity PPM that is not covered by the standard feature set? Get your solution from itdesign or tell us what you need. We would be happy to develop it for you.

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Professional Resource Planning in Clarity PPM

With Our Most Popular Innovation: itd Advanced Resource Planning

  • Simplify your resource planning with Clarity PPM
  • Finally draft realistic plans and make your planning transparent
  • Immediately detect overloads and act in time
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