True Digitalization and Quick Approval in Clarity

Digitalize and accelerate your digital approval processes across all company levels with Clarity PPM.

Business Case: Quick and Easy Approval Process

Without Clarity, approval processes for new projects or revisions are tedious and need manual effort. Reports are printed out and taken from one place to the next – printed, signed, and scanned again and again until they are finally approved. Projects can falter because they can’t get past the next phase or maybe not even off the starting blocks.

Thanks to Clarity, today such processes can be digitalized. So far, you have only reached decision-makers who already work with Clarity. However, those in higher hierarchical positions, especially C-level executives, don’t always work with Clarity, so time-consuming workarounds for approval may be necessary.

Our Solution: Digital Approval with Clarity

With our customized approval process in Clarity, you can digitalize and fast track the process right up to the highest C-level. As soon as approval in Clarity is activated, the tool automatically sends an email to the approver. With just one click you can send an email to confirm or refuse using individually configured buttons – and even on the go using your cell without the approver needing to log into Clarity.

You can start projects more quickly or take them to the next phase and so finish quicker. Your decision-making processes are more dynamic and you can respond to changes more flexibly. Digitalization replaces manual processes saving you time, paper, and money.

Added Value for Your Business

  • Give or refuse approval with just one click via email without needing to log into Clarity
  • Quick approvals and better decision-making processes for projects and change requests
  • Move forward with digitalization and flexibility with Clarity to replace analog processes
  • Use and incorporation of Clarity in companies right up to the management level

At Müller, the introduction of digital approval in Clarity has significantly sped up the entire process, from project request to approval. We no longer need paper, either. Everything is now mapped digitally. Now you can see quite transparently where an approval is pending and whether an action is still needed. 

Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller

Rolf Schmidt, Head of Project Management Center of Excellence

Read the interview on digital approval at Müller
True Digitalization and Quick Approval for Clarity

Possible Features

  • Clarity automatically sends approval emails
  • Layout and content of the approval email are tailored to your needs
  • Approval, rejection, and resubmission with just one click, and if needed with comments
  • Overview page for Clarity Administrators or PMOs – which approval is where?
  • Work on the go with no need for server access or to log into Clarity

Digitalize Your Approvals!

We would be happy to develop a suitable digital approval process for your Clarity. Or do you have another specific requirement for your system? Tell us what you need – we would be happy to develop it for you.

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