Overview of Agile Projects in Jira and Clarity

Plan your agile projects and work efficiently in both tools while keeping the manual maintenance to a minimum.

Business Case: Agile Project Planning

Jira is a software frequently used for the operative planning of agile and hybrid projects. However, if these projects are no longer maintained in Clarity, your data quality may diminish, and it will be difficult to optimally allocate resources and funds to the projects. The result can be a deteriorated basis for decision-making and duplicate work.

Our Solution: Jira Integration in Clarity

With a customized interface between Jira and Clarity, you can create a comprehensive overview of your Jira-planned projects and work packages in both tools. By automatically transferring created projects, activities, and time tracking between applications, they become visible in Clarity. You avoid duplicating your work, and at the same time, you minimize the risk of errors. In addition, both tools retain their legitimacy and even increase their efficiency.

Added Value for Your Business

  • Agile working with Clarity through automatic data transfer
  • Overview of projects in both tools
  • Avoidance of additional effort for data maintenance
  • Elimination of error sources
  • Increasing the efficiency and legitimacy of both tools
  • Clarity remains the "Single Source of Truth" in your company
Jira Integration for Clarity PPM

Possible Features

  • Automatic transfer of work packages from Jira to Clarity
  • Automatic transfer of time tracked from Jira to Clarity
  • Possibility of automatic aggregation of Jira activities as part of the transfer

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