Success Story with Clarity and itdesign

Use Case with Clarity


At DZ BANK, the focus in project management should be on resource management. The available resources should be allocated as effectively as possible and, above all, according to a prioritized portfolio across several business areas. The previously used solution could no longer meet the increased requirements for flexibility and resource planning, and resource bottlenecks often occurred.


The itd Advanced Resource Planning add-on for Clarity is used to ensure quick and easy resource planning. Thereby, the standard feature set of Clarity in the area of resource management has significantly increased. Resource and portfolio planning has become significantly faster and convenient, and there are fewer errors. At the same time, the bank’s ability to undergo transformation has increased, which is an immense competitive advantage given the changing market conditions.

The very intensive preparation and clear focus of DZ BANK allowed the project partners, namely Broadcom and itdesign, to implement the solution quickly and smoothly.

Added Value for DZ BANK

The 3 Most Important Benefits of Clarity

Reliable Resource Planning with itd Advanced Resource Planning

Optimized Responsiveness to Changing Market Conditions

Company-Wide Tool Relevance and Acceptance

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DZ BANK serves as central institution of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network and commercial bank. It is the central institution for all 814 cooperative banks in Germany, which hold the majority of its shares. Under the tagline ‘DZ BANK. Die Initiativbank’, it supports the business of the independent cooperative banks in their regions with the aim of strengthening their competitiveness. DZ BANK’s range of services extends from traditional and innovative products, structuring and issues, to trading and sales in the equity and bond markets. Additionally DZ BANK AG acts as the holding company for the DZ BANK Group.

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  • Headquartered in Frankfurt (Main), Germany
  • Founded in 1934
  • Total assets: € 348 billion

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