Clarity PPM at Schenker

Completion of a growing number of projects, increased transparency, and higher quality project results at Schenker AG thanks to Clarity PPM.

As a ground transport specialist in Europe for road and rail, DB Schenker’s dense network of scheduled services bring together the main economic regions of over 40 European countries. The company specializes in global air and sea freight solutions as well as all related logistical services. The integrated logistics centers that function as the interfaces facilitating the global flow of goods effectively link together all modes of transport and enable a wide range of value-added services.

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The Success Story


A suitable project portfolio management solution was required to manage the steadily growing number of IT projects within the Schenker Group that was anticipated to continue in the future as well as to optimally position the company for associated global challenges in all areas of IT.

Logistics, Transport, and Traffic

95,000 Employees

Clarity PPM


Implementation of Clarity PPM (CA PPM) with the company’s new project management method that was developed in-house, PROMPT@Schenker, and the associated processes. Those responsible declared the implementation a pilot and model project for all large IT projects.


Project management with Clarity PPM includes comprehensive features for defining and tracking all aspects of the project, from structures for breaking down work steps, employees, budgets, and actual data to risks and results. This enables an increased level of project management professionalism for the more than 500 users.

Joint Further Development of the Solution

More Transparency about Projects

Higher Quality Project Results

Our PROMPT@Schenker methodology and Clarity PPM now provide us with more transparency about our projects as well as the orderly and secure processes within each project, including quality and approval checks, and group-wide standardization.

Cornelia Schwarz

Service Manager PROMPT, Schenker AG

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