Clarity PPM at Theo Müller

Optimized product development and improved agility at Theo Müller GmbH & Co. KG Group thanks to Clarity PPM.

In 1971, Theo Müller took over the family dairy in Aretsried, Bavaria from his father. The dairy was founded by his grandfather in 1896, when there were only four employees. Today, the Theo Müller Group controls the business of a large number of international subsidiaries in the dairy industry, packaging, logistics, vehicle technology, fruit processing, convenience food, and gastronomy. More than 20,000 employees work at a number of locations in Europe.

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The Success Story


Customers’ tastes and desires change quickly. The Theo Müller Group has to be able to respond by rapidly developing new products. A central solution was necessary to better support development processes.

Groceries, Consumer Goods

20,000 Employees

Clarity PPM


Clarity PPM (CA PPM) is used by 550 project managers at the Theo Müller Group, who use it to monitor around 1,100 projects. This enables uniform project management and reporting.


The Clarity PPM solution helped the Theo Müller group of companies gain a better overview of ideas and ongoing projects. Standardized processes increase efficiency and form the basis of better business decision-making and agility.

Implementing Projects Rapidly and Successfully

Complete Overview of Ongoing Projects and Ideas

Simultaneous Use of Different Partitions

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