Clarity PPM at Wüstenrot & Württembergische Informatik

Reliable scheduling of employees at W&W Informatik with the help of Clarity PPM.

W&W Informatik GmbH (W&W IT) is the central IT service provider for the Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group. The company develops and operates all IT applications within the W&W Group, and it is responsible for networks, decentralized systems, architectures, and data centers. W&W Informatik GmbH was created in 2002 when the IT departments of the Group companies were merged into W&W IT.

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The Success Story


The cross-departmental planning of resources was the main challenge at W&W Informatik GmbH. The scheduling of employees requires a mutual commitment on the part of project managers and company executives, especially when there is a reduction in resources.

Financial Services, Insurance

1,000 Employees

Clarity PPM


itdesign implemented a tool-supported resource management system based on Clarity PPM (CA PPM) and adapted it to the customer’s individual requirements. We developed a concept for a simple and flexible resource management process together with W&W Informatik GmbH.


The binding scheduling of resources is an essential success factor for achieving the W&W Group’s project goals. With the help of organization-wide and tool-based resource management, W&W can reliably schedule employees.

Early Detection of Resource Bottlenecks

Improved Prioritization of All Projects

Increased Quality of the Project Portfolio

The right projects are done with the right people at the right time.

Carmen Hess

Project Manager, W&W Informatik GmbH

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