Clarity and itd Advanced Resource Planning at TeamBank AG

Optimized project portfolio and resource management thanks to Clarity, itd Advanced Resource Planning and itdesign. Selection and implementation made easy thanks to a proof of concept.

TeamBank AG – Experts in Modern Liquidity Management

With its easyCredit product line, TeamBank AG acts as a specialist hub for modern liquidity management within the Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, a German cooperative banking group. Thanks to the provision and integration of innovative products and services, customers have easy access to liquidity anywhere and at any time. Important elements of the ecosystem include, for example, the easyCredit instalment loan product and the ratenkauf by easyCredit payment procedure. Customers can take advantage of both products in a fully digital, mobile and seamless manner.

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Financial Services

1,072 Employees

Nuremberg, Germany

Founded in 1950

944,000 Customers

Total Assets: €11.3 Billion

Solutions Used
  • Clarity
  • itd Advanced Resource Planning add-on
Area of Application
  • Project and portfolio management
  • Resource management
Project Data
  • In use since 2020
  • Deployed throughout the company
  • Interfaces to SAP HCM & Active Directory

How TeamBank Is Benefiting from Clarity

Challenges: Why a PPM Tool Was Necessary

  • Time-consuming, manual processes for retrieving data about various statuses in resource and project portfolio planning
  • Increasing complexity due to the growing number of projects
  • Planning based on theoretical assumptions instead of specific real-time data
  • Inconsistent resource management processes throughout the company
  • Functioning resource management processes existed only for projects, but not yet for other resource-related issues

Solution: How Clarity and itdesign Support

  • Scope of functions: Clarity including all desired functions
  • Flexible tool: integration of all necessary use cases
  • Company-wide introduction of a role-based, uniform resource management process using the itd Advanced Resource Planning add-on
  • Clarity as the Single Source of Truth: planning in one central location and based on live data
  • Collaboration with itdesign as a strong pillar of support

Scope of Functions

Flexible Solution

Modern User Interface

Clarity is the proverbial jack of all trades among PPM tools. The software is outstanding across all areas, and in some of them it even leads the field. The functionality and flexibility of Clarity were decisive criteria in our selection process.

Lucas Klein

Organizational Manager for Digital Efficiency, TeamBank AG

Introduction of Clarity with a Proof of Concept

During the selection process, TeamBank considered several PPM tools. A proof of concept (PoC) supported the project team in its decision to opt for Clarity as well as during the subsequent implementation of the tool. The specific benefits of the concept were as follows:

Benefits of the Proof of Concept

  • Professional validation: check if required use cases can be integrated
  • Technical validation: test if the tool work as envisioned and if it is compatible with the existing infrastructure and software
  • Development of tool-specific know-how
  • Testing based on specific project data instead of non-specific dummy data
  • Internal marketing for Clarity among future users: making the software tangible and ensuring a basic level of acceptance

Interview with TeamBank AG

In this interview with Lucas Klein, Organizational Manager for Digital Efficiency at TeamBank, we talked about TeamBank's experience with a proof of concept.

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In addition to the technical and functional validation, the proof of concept also acted as internal marketing for Clarity. It enabled us to make the tool tangible for future users at an early stage and increase the acceptance for the introduction of a new software.

Lucas Klein

Organizational Manager for Digital Efficiency, TeamBank AG

The Detailed Success Story of TeamBank AG

  • TeamBank’s Whole Success Story with Clarity PPM and itdesign

    TeamBank optimizes its project portfolio and resource management using Clarity PPM, itd Advanced Resource Planning and itdesign. All insights into the success story can be found in this document.


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