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How can you centralize control over the growing number of new and ongoing projects at your company? How do you ensure that you implement only those projects that really add value? Your project portfolio management can help you solve these issues. Using the right software is an important success factor, but it is only a secondary step. The processes that inform the software you choose are more fundamental.

What Is PPM?

The Whole Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

  • PPM comprises many individual components, methods, and topics. This includes resource and project management as well as project portfolio management itself. Other specialized areas revolve around ideas, products, services, and finances.
  • The organization and its processes are paramount for ensuring long-term successful project portfolio management. Active and continuous monitoring of the change process is essential during implementation.

All Elements Are Connected

  • With a functioning PPM process, companies can allocate their resources optimally to the right projects and complete them successfully all while staying within their budget.
  • How the individual topics are interlinked depends on the details of the case, the degree of maturity, or the expansion stage of each company.
Elements of PPM: Prioritize projects correctly, implement projects, successfully, monitor finances closely, manage initiatives actively, use resources optimally

We believe that successful corporate development is contingent upon project portfolio management. We have been able to apply our PPM experience and know-how over the past 15 years to help more than 350 companies implement their PPM.

Dr. Jörg Leute

CEO, itdesign GmbH

What Do I Need PPM For?

Making Optimal Use of Your Resources

By optimizing how you use your resources through a PPM, you avoid underloading or overloading your employees and ensure the success of your projects.

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Correctly Prioritizing Projects

By correctly prioritizing your projects, you will be able to realistically plan and implement the most valuable projects.

Learn more about project portfolio management

Implementing Projects Successfully

Making your company-specific project process and your project management techniques the basis helps you perform your projects in a structured way.

Actively Managing Initiatives

From brainstorming new ideas to monitoring your success, you create transparency and a framework to actively control your initiatives.

Keeping an Eye on Your Finances

Combine financial management requirements with your project and portfolio management needs so that you are able to act on demand.

Why itdesign Is the Best Partner for You

We Are Implementation Experts

We have been deploying software for over 20 years. As a customer, you can take immediate advantage of our best practices and experience.

We Develop Solutions

We are acutely aware of the needs of our customers, and we develop the features and software that really provide added value.

We Are Know-How Brokers

Our knowledge of tools and software-independent know-how help make both you and your PPM successful.

We Are Here for You

We feel your frustrations. That is because we also use the software that we deploy for customers, so we are always at your side with the right advice and actions.

We Create Networks

We are a co-founder of the PPM Global Alliance, and we provide our customers with a venue to exchange best practices at our PPM Conference.

We Partner With You

We value long-term relationships and trust. These values extend to our customers in particular, though they also inform our relationships with partners.

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