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itd Quick Start: Get Started With Clarity in Less Than 40 Days

Thanks to our itd Quick Start implementation method, we can implement Clarity at your company quickly and out of the box.

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So you have decided to make Clarity your PPM tool of choice! You might be asking: What’s next? How will implementation take place? How can you make the most of Clarity’s features and benefits as quickly and efficiently as possible? Fortunately, we already have the answers to these questions!

At itdesign, we place great importance on providing you with the best possible implementation phase. That is why we have developed two implementation methods that enable our customers to get off to the perfect start with Clarity: itd Quick Start and itd SIM. In this article, we will focus on itd Quick Start, the quickest method of getting started with Clarity.

The Right Implementation Method for Your Needs?

One of the many advantages of Clarity is the tool’s customizability. Nevertheless, not all business processes are unique, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. We have over 15 years of experience implementing Clarity in cooperation with a wide variety of customers. Therefore, there is a good chance that we have suitable standardized templates and best practices that can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs.

itd Quick Start is the right method for you if a) your focus is on making quick use of the productivity benefits offered by Clarity, and b) the standard features are sufficient for your initial needs right off the bat. If, on the other hand, you have a large need for customizability and individual requirements that must be addressed right from the onset, we recommend the itd SIM implementation method.

How Does the itd Quick Start Implementation Method Work?

First and foremost: It is fast and out of the box. The implementation method includes several phases and joint workshops, which can usually be completed within six weeks.

Introduction of Clarity PPM with itd Quick Start

Let’s start with the basic setup. This includes system settings such as language, currencies, and billing intervals. We also map the relevant department structures in the system and work with you to develop a rights management concept. In the following phases, we set up project, resource, financial, and portfolio management. During this process, we focus on the features from the various Clarity modules that will be the most relevant to you.

We conclude the implementation phase with our train-the-trainer courses. At this stage, we train selected people in your company as trainers. This provides your company with the necessary know-how to help your teams dive into the world of Clarity. It also enables you to train your users independently and to scale the system at your company.

Speed & Much More: The Advantages of the Method

The most obvious advantage of itd Quick Start is its speed: It takes only a few weeks from the moment you decide to use Clarity to the moment you can start using the system to work productively. But there is more. Because we work with standardized packages, we can offer clear budget planning, reduce costs, and guarantee a high level of release security. You also benefit from our best practices, which make it much easier to work with the new solution. All of this combined offers users a very pleasant experience and increases the level of acceptance of the solution, which is an important criterion for ensuring project success.

  • Predictable budget
  • Start working productively as fast as possible
  • Clear schedule
  • Best practice packages
  • Release security
  • Step-by-step procedure

There is another important point to bear in mind: Once you get started with itd Quick Start, you do not have to settle for the initial range of features. You can continue to expand your Clarity solution over time by using additional features to adapt the system to your growing project and portfolio management needs. You can take one step at a time, at the pace that is best for you.

Sarah Marquardt, itdesign GmbH
About the Author | Sarah Marquardt, Senior PPM Consultant
Sarah has been helping companies make the best use of Clarity for over eight years now. Whether as a project manager helping with implementation or as a technical consultant, Sarah loves to share her wealth of Clarity expertise and innovative implementation concepts. Customers love her workshops for the pleasant yet inspiring environment that she cultivates at them. Can a mother who works part-time handle it all? If you have ever seen Sarah in action, then you know there is no question. And on top of that, she is always willing to listen: It’s no coincidence that her colleagues elected her as their representative at the company.


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Implementing Clarity PPM with itd Quick Start

Quickly implement Clarity PPM at your company and use the existing out-of-the-box features.


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