In Three Steps from Clarity On-Premise to SaaS


Migrate from Clarity On-Premise to SaaS in 3 Simple Steps

With our migration service, switching to SaaS is quick and easy.

September 1, 2021

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Many Clarity customers are considering migrating from Clarity as an on-premise installation to SaaS as part of their cloud strategy. Among the many reasons are the lower investment risk of a SaaS solution, more flexibility for software updates and upgrades, and the possibility to outsource the maintenance costs for hardware and software.

itdesign offers on-premise customers a migration service designed to make the transition to SaaS quick and easy.

This Is How Our Migration Service Works

Outsourcing the hosting of your system to our experts is part of our migration service. This relieves your IT department and we manage the technical support and optimization of your Clarity infrastructure.

In the case of SaaS migration, we take over a large part of the effort and ensure a speedy, clearly structured process. How long the process takes depends on how many interfaces to third-party systems we have to consider. However, typically the switch to SaaS is fully completed after one to three weeks. Our migration service is divided into three phases:

Step 1: Assessment & Planning

The first step is to understand all the challenges involved and plan the way forward. Therefore, we always start with a system assessment. In this context, we analyze your Clarity system and all existing interfaces to third-party systems. Based on our analysis, we develop a security and data protection compliant migration concept for all your applications and determine how your data will be transferred to the new system.

Step 2: Testing

Before your new SaaS solution goes live, it must be thoroughly tested. To do this, we set up a SaaS test system with all the necessary interfaces and send you the access data (URL). After you take care of the whitelisting and the necessary network activation, you can test the access to all features and the functionality of all interfaces without hassle.

Step 3: Go-live

Once all tests have been successfully completed, you are ready to go live: Simply share the credentials with your users, admins, and other relevant stakeholders – on the agreed-upon deadline, we will go live with your new Clarity SaaS system and shut down the previous systems.  Done. Your migration from on-premise to SaaS is complete.

After the Migration

After the migration, you can use your Clarity system as usual, but with all the advantages of a SaaS implementation (e.g. faster and more regular updates, highest availability, relief of the IT department). It goes without saying that even after the SaaS migration, we are always available as your contact partner and will support you with all questions and concerns regarding your new Clarity system.

David Chiumento, Senior Berater PPM itdesign
About the author | David Chiumento, Senior Consultant PPM
As a senior PPM consultant, David Chiumento has been assisting Clarity customers with everything from implementation and setup to the development of additional features for the software for eight years now. He also advises on how to switch from On-Premise to SaaS. His unofficial title is the “good mood manager” thanks to his ability to always promote a positive attitude and motivate others. The figures tell the story: Our customer survey results show that David’s Clarity customers have the highest satisfaction rate. David is also known for his humor and quick wit among his colleagues. But don’t make the mistake of messing with him — the man has a black belt in Karate!

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    itdesign is your partner for everything involving your Clarity PPM: We take care of the hosting and operation for your application as well. Learn more about our SaaS services in this document.


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