Resource Management

The ability to optimally schedule and utilize scarce resources is a central success factor of your PPM. We'll show you how to do it right.

Skilled workers shortage, scarce key resources and constant bottlenecks. Employees are overloaded, projects are stalled, and new initiatives cannot be started. For many companies, this is what the regular day-to-day operation of their business looks like. Can you relate? In that case, it is all the more important that you make efficient use of the limited capacity of your existing resources and avoid overloading your employees.

What Is Resource Management?

  • In order to be able to implement your projects, you must ensure that resources with limited time and that are few in number have sufficient availability. This is nothing that you didn't already know. But did you know that resource management basically functions like a marketplace?
  • Think of the limited availability of your employees as your offering. They have different capacities and skills. New colleagues also join, and others may leave the company or be absent.
  • The demand reflects what employees should do or are actually doing. Here, too, there are always initiatives and ongoing projects that have to be implemented. There are also line activities that form part of the day-to-day operations of your company.
  • Companies have different ways of allocating resources. Sometimes they are structured and controlled, but this is often a matter of chance or something you do because the situation demands it. The greatest challenge is to determine the right degree of structure and control.
Resource Management is a market place: Offer, Demand and Discuss

Employees are the bottleneck in many companies, and the need to constantly reschedule can exacerbate the problem. We strive to establish the right process to ensure optimal resource planning for you at the company. And thus to give you a decisive advantage over your competitors.

Arne Jacobsen

Senior Consultant PPM, itdesign GmbH

What Do I Need Resource Management For?

Typical Challenges

In theory, it sounds simple and logical, but in practice, Resource Management is not easy to implement. Resource demand and supply often do not match, and projects cannot be carried out as planned.

  • Number of projects: There are many more planned and ongoing projects than are feasible. In addition, new projects seem to be added every day.
  • Quality of information: No figures or information are available for making meaningful and satisfactory decisions.
  • Mentality: There is an “It will work one way or the other” mentality, without any sensible and reliable scheduling that is taken as a basis.
  • Rescheduling: Due to delays in other projects, ongoing and planned projects have to be constantly rescheduled and no progress is made.

Goals and Aspirations

Any company where employees carry out projects (which is basically every company) is faced with the aforementioned challenges. In order to meet these challenges successfully, you need a functioning resource management system.

  • Adherence to deadlines: The deadlines for your ongoing projects are kept by planning projects in a realistic manner.
  • Prioritization: Your project portfolio is actively managed through prioritized rescheduling when there are changes.
  • Transparency: You are able to achieve maximum transparency in the way that your employees are utilized.
  • Utilization: Your employees are equally and optimally utilized.
  • Satisfaction: Your company's customers and employees are satisfied.

Success Factors of Resource Management

Set Transparent Priorities

Resource management should reflect the priorities of the portfolio. For example, these would be defined at portfolio board meetings, as derived from the strategy, and made transparent.

Know Your Method

Resource management affects all areas of the company and can therefore only be successful if the different areas have an equal understanding of what method is being used.

Adhere To Processes

The acceptance and significance of resource management depends on everyone involved adhering to the agreed processes and implementing them consistently.

Clearly Articulate Responsibilities

Roles with clear responsibilities are defined within the resource management process, such as, for example, resource manager, project manager, employee, management board, or PMO.

Establish Communication

Resource management can only be successful when there is proper communication and employees are aware of their workload, for example, as the result of a resourcing round or 1:1 coordination.

The Next Step

Resource Management Audit with itdesign

Even though many large companies face the same challenges, every company will have its own unique requirements, needs, and approaches. We will come up with the recipe for success for your resource management. Together we will take a close look at your situation; analyze your processes, models, and tools; and determine what your goals are. In light of our best practices, we will then use this to develop a concrete concept for the implementation of a well-functioning resource management approach for you.

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Software to Complete Your Project Portfolio Management

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itd Advanced Resource Planning

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