Resource Management Audit

Utilize your scarce resources efficiently for important projects and make your employees happy. We'd love to help you accomplish this.

Since every company is different, the way they handle resources is different, too. Therefore, there is no one set of best practices that fits every corporate culture. If it were that easy, everyone would have adopted them by now. We take a close look at your individual situation; analyze your processes, models, and tools; and articulate all of your challenges and visions for the future in a single place. Together with you, we will develop a concept that can finally help you achieve success with your resource management.

Auditing Process

1. Analysis of the Current Situation

  • Business model and project types
  • Stakeholder and corporate culture
  • Existing tool landscape

2. Idea Collection

  • Challenges and hurdles
  • Your vision and goals

3. Concept Development

  • Sites and requirements
  • Change management strategy
  • Target-oriented process and roles
  • Possible use of software

4. Final Presentation

  • Maturity level
  • Recommendation for solution concept and target state
  • Next steps

Audit Framework

Type of Audit

Two of our itdesign consultants will complete the audit over the course of two days at your company.

Target Group

The audit is designed to assist executives as well as resource and project managers who want to improve their resource management and thereby implement projects more successfully while at the same time minimizing sources of frustration.

Previous Knowledge

You will be able to use the audit most effectively if you have a good level of knowledge of your own company culture and the software landscape at your company.

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Let's together schedule a time for your audit. Let me know what your individual wishes are so that you can get the greatest possible added value as well as achieve success with your resource management.

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