Clarity Release 16.0.1


10 New Features Coming with the Clarity Release 16.0.1

The first Clarity upgrade of the year is available! We have summarized the most important software enhancements for you.

February 10, 2022


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Visual Allocation of Resources

You will benefit from the new Resource Staffing view displayed as an allocation timeline. The timeline shows an investment timeline on the top of the page, which is based on allocations either by investments or by resources. On the bottom of the page, you can see the capacity, allocations, and the remaining capacity using either the ‘Resource Availability’ or ‘Resources by Role’ view.

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Configurable Visual Widgets

Configurable visual widgets are now available for further functional areas such as Investments (Projects, Ideas, Custom Investments), sub objects (Tasks, Risks, Issues, Changes, Staff, Baselines), and many more.

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Improved Project Management User Experience

Managing projects in Clarity has become even simpler as you are now able to display financial and custom per-period metrics (e.g., TSV data) in Project, Idea, Custom Investment, and Hierarchy Investment grids.

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Key Improvements through Customer Innovation Panel

Several key improvements have been delivered through Clarity customers who brought their ideas to Broadcom’s Customer Innovation Panel, including the following:

  • Auto-scheduling or creation of a tentative schedule from the Project Tasks timeline
  • Leveraging the configurable canvas for enhanced Investments status reports with the ability to define a default layout – either via saved views or multiple status report views across multiple project managers
  • Field-level security support for the task and time entry object
  • Enhanced Roadmap capabilities such as the configuration of visual indicators for individual roadmap events and the (optional) inclusion of the roadmap timeline legend and configured widgets in the PDF export
  • Setting the language and locale in Modern UX
  • Changed process for auto-assigned access rights to be treated as ‘View Only’ licensed users
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To Dos at Investment Level

You now have the capability to define To Dos at the investment level. The configuration of the new To Dos module can be done via Project, Idea, and Custom Investment blueprints.

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Templates for Ideas

With Clarity 16.0.1, you can use templates and required fields per blueprint for Ideas as well.

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New Task Management Workspace

The previous Tasks grids and ‘My Tasks’ view in Clarity have been replaced by a new Task Management workspace. You can make use of a configurable grid to view, edit, and manage your tasks across investments.

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Allocations from Estimates

The Staff module now supports performing allocations from estimates.

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Accessibility Enhancements

As in previous releases, Broadcom further enhanced the digital accessibility of the software in compliance with the WCAG 2.1. AA accessibility standard.

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Clarity-Rally Interface Improvement

With regard to the Clarity-Rally connection, additional no-code tools have been included to create new Clarity investments from Rally. Furthermore, you can synchronize Rally lookups between Clarity Roadmap items and their linked investments.

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The Innovations of Clarity 16.0.1


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Webcast on the New Release

In Broadcom’s free webcast on Thursday, Feb 24 at 7:00 PM CET, you will get to know all the innovations of Clarity 16.0.1.

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Release Notes

Details and full explanation of all changes of the upgrade to Clarity 16.0.1 can be found in the Broadcom release notes.

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