Clarity Release 15.9.1 is available now


Clarity Release 15.9.1 Came Out Last Week!

With the release 15.9.1, software manufacturer Broadcom has paved the way to digital accessibility, implemented new features for various modules and made some quality-of-life improvements in the Modern UX.



The Most Important Innovations of Clarity 15.9.1 at a Glance

Both on-premise and SaaS customers can look forward to some new features and optimizations in Clarity. We have summarized the most important innovations for you below.

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Digital Accessibility and WCAG Compliance

Driving digital accessibility and in accordance with WCAG 2.1 AA requirements (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), Broadcom has significantly enhanced Clarity’s accessibility for users with impairments. To achieve this, Broadcom has incorporated several foundational improvements in the following areas:

  • Visual design (color contrast, visible focus)
  • Screen readers (semantics, hierarchy, page structure)
  • Keyboard navigation (key input, tab order, focus)
  • Responsive design (pop-up windows, text areas, browser zoom)

More Flexibility with Timesheets

When entering and approving timesheets, you are now able to expand and collapse entire sections. In the grid view, it is also possible to multi-select individual timesheets and perform certain actions (e.g., approve, return) to all selected timesheets in bulk.

Financial Transparency

With the addition of the Actual Transaction Grid within the Financials module for investments, finance managers have a summary of all transactions of an investment in one central location. This increases the transparency of your company’s finances. The values displayed are not editable in this view.

Top-down Planning with Roadmaps and Hierarchies

With the introduction of the read-only Hierarchical Investment Grid, you get all investments of a hierarchy at a glance. The new cross-investment grid view offers the possibility to combine investments of different investment types in one view. This facilitates top-down planning in your company and eliminates the need to create time-consuming, custom reports. When mapping roadmaps, you now have the option to add the Goal attribute to the Roadmap Items page and sync it with other Roadmap items.

Extended Support for Custom Objects

In the Modern UX, Clarity 15.9.1 now supports third-level custom sub-objects within an investment hierarchy. With the introduction of field-level security on custom sub-objects, the new version also enables powerful governance controls in your organization. This eliminates the need to manage secure sub-pages; a robust data security framework is still in place.

Various quality-of-life UX improvements and customer voice:

Several new and improved features in the release also enhance usability and make Clarity easier to use. Among others, these include:

  • Group by per-period metrics (TSVs, time-scaled values) in grids
  • Rich text formatting via new attribute type
  • Advanced filter options including “equals”, “not equals”, “empty”, and “not empty”
  • Additional attributes available as TSVs in the staff module of a project (e.g., Actuals, ETC, Total Usage, Remaining Allocation, Remaining Availability)
  • Support for “Days” from a planning perspective in the staffing workspace
  • Visual indicator for locked attributes
  • Additional attribute data type support for Attachments in the grid view
  • Extended blueprint capabilities to configure channels with added support for up to 15 channels per investment type

The Innovations of Clarity 15.9.1 Illustrated

On their YouTube channel, software manufacturer CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company released a video series with clear explanation of all important new Clarity 15.9.1 features.

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Webcast on the New Release

In Broadcom’s free webcast on Thursday, Feb 25 at 7:00 PM CET, you will get to know all the innovations of Clarity 15.9.1.

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Release Notes

Details and full explanation of all changes of the upgrade to Clarity 15.9.1 can be found in the Broadcom release notes.

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