The Clarity Release 15.9 Is Available!

For this release, Broadcom has focused on the Customer Voice and implemented suggestions for improvement. New functions, an optimized User Experience as well as some quality of life improvements of the software are the result.



New Features for Clarity Release 15.9

You can now upgrade to the Clarity version 15.9, no matter if you are On-Premise or SaaS customer. We have summarized some of the new functions and optimizations for you in the following.

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Flexible New Capabilities for Roadmaps

Additional data types are now supported for the creation of roadmaps. In addition to the money fields, large strings and parameterized lookups are available for synchronization.

Field-Level Security for Custom Objects and Custom Investments

With the introduction of field-level security (FLS) for Custom Objects and Investments, powerful governance controls are provided. This eliminates the need to manage secure sub-pages, while still providing a robust data security framework.

Simplified Configuration of Linked Sub-Objects via Flyouts

From now on you can integrate status reports for projects into the flyout view of the respective main object. The same is true for custom sub-objects in projects and in custom objects. In addition, when using the task view, you now have the opportunity of displaying assignments to a selected task quickly and easily via the flyout. Assignments can also be edited in this view.

Improved User Experience and Quality of Life

Clarity 15.9 also offers various new and optimized features that significantly enhance the Modern UX and the software’s quality of life. These include, among others:

  • Customized theme colors for navigation menu and login page
  • Indicator for inactive investments
  • Improved usability of pull down menus
  • Date entering in your preferred format
  • Multi-select delete in Common Grids
  • New filter types “Match All” and “Match Any”
  • Flyout view retains between modules and sessions
  • Expand and collapse selected portions of Hierarchies
  • Quick Save functionality for saving views with a single click
  • Star personally favored items
  • Additional attributes: Guidelines in Tasks, Total Units and Total Revenue in Cost Plans and Budgets, as well as Attachment attributes

The Innovations of Clarity 15.9 Illustrated

On their YouTube channel, software manufacturer CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company released a video series with clear explanation of all important new Clarity 15.9 features.

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Webcast on the New Release

In Broadcom’s free webcast on Dec 10, 2020 (6:00 PM CET), you will get to know all the innovations of Clarity 15.9.

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Release Notes

Details and full explanation of all changes of the upgrade to Clarity 15.9 can be found in the Broadcom release notes.

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As the largest partner of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, in Europe, we would be happy to give you a personal demonstration of the features of Clarity 15.9 as they relate to your specific application and provide you with the latest version.

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