The Latest Clarity Release 15.8.1 Is Now Available

Apart from a new software name and improved UX, the release also offers optimizations and new features for roadmaps, custom investments, and finance and resource management.



These Are the New Features in Clarity 15.8.1

CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, recently released the upgrade to Clarity 15.8.1, which is now available as an on-premise and a SaaS solution. Below let us introduce you to some of the new features and improvements.

Clarity PPM Is Now Simply Clarity

The PPM software has a new name: From now on it will no longer be called Clarity PPM, but just Clarity. A new logo also adorns the login screen and the Modern UX.

More Flexible Options for Roadmaps

Clarity 15.8.1 offers you several new options that help optimize the features and flexibility of roadmaps. This includes an improved import process that uses the configurable grid with saved views and filter options for selecting investments. There is now broader support for various data types and the synchronization of user-defined fields between roadmap items and the underlying investments.

Field-Level Security for Custom Investments

The introduction of field-level permissions for custom investments allows for powerful governance control. The administration of secure sub-pages is no longer necessary, since a stable data security framework is guaranteed.

Improved Financial Management: Benefit Plans

Take advantage of the finance module to create benefit plans in projects, ideas, and custom investments. Well-known features, such as saved views, CSV format export, grouping, etc., are also available.

Expanded Resource Management

Clarity 15.8.1 enables extended resource management: With just one single action you can assign or add several resources to the team in the projects, ideas, and custom investments modules. This also includes expanded support for planning custom investment assignments in the staffing workspace.

Improved User Experience

Various Modern UX improvements make Clarity more user-friendly. These include:

  • The inclusion of "Days" in the planning
  • Search field (for name and ID) in the Component Grid
  • Configurable design of the logo (in the header and when logging in)
  • Improvements to general lookup components in the Modern UX
  • Details set by default for most flyouts
  • Support for long URLs (which are necessary for SSO)
  • User-defined master and sub objects in the Modern UX

An Explanation of the New Features of Clarity 15.8.1

The software manufacturer CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, has now released a video series on its YouTube channel that provides a clear and detailed explanation of all the important new Clarity 15.8.1 features.

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Webcast on the New Release

Broadcom offers you the opportunity to learn about the new features of Clarity 15.8.1 in a free webcast. The webcast will take place on Thursday, July 16, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Release Notes

The innovations above are just a few of the new features and optimizations of the Clarity 15.8.1 release. Details of all changes can be found in the Broadcom release notes.

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Get Your Upgrade Now!

As the largest partner of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, in Europe, we would be happy to give you a personal demonstration of the features of Clarity 15.8.1 as they relate to your specific application and provide you with the latest version.

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