New Design for itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.0

You will love the new design with its optimized user experience.

Highlights of the New Version

The latest version of itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.0 has been available for a few days now. With this release we have comprehensively modernized the appearance of the solution for professional resource management in Clarity PPM. There are also other improvements and bug fixes.

Optimized Design for Better UX

The current Material Design is now available in itd Advanced Resource Planning to ensure a uniform user experience in line with the Modern UX and the Phoenix UI design in Clarity PPM.

  • New colors
  • Modern look
  • More transparent overview
  • Even more efficient resource planning
  • Improved user experience
itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.0.0: New design

Further Innovations

Filter Area with Scroll Bars

If more than four filter fields are selected for a filter area column, the filter area will not get any bigger. Instead, a scroll bar is displayed. Different combinations of filter fields and associated presets can also be saved as filter configurations to map different use cases.

Role Hierarchies in Views for Allocation

If you use role hierarchies (higher-level roles), you now have the option of taking these into account when calculating the residual space in the allocation views. With the appropriate setting enabled, the remaining availability of a superordinate role is calculated using the remaining availability of the associated subordinate roles.

Release Notes

A detailed description of the new features and optimizations of itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.0 can be found in the release notes.

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