Now Available: The Upgrade to Clarity PPM 15.8

The release offers improvements in the areas of project management, permissions, lifecycle management, and top-down planning.



New Features in Clarity PPM 15.8

CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, released the Clarity PPM upgrade to version 15.8 a few days ago. This new release represents an important step forward in terms of the usability of modern UX, and it brings some improvements and new features.

Field-Level Security

The introduction of field-level security in the modern UX for projects and ideas guarantees powerful governance controls. Individual fields for groups can be hidden or given read or write permissions.

Configurable Financial Management

For projects, the financial management receives an additional module with the familiar standard components that you will already be familiar with from other modules. Features such as CSV file export, grouping, and saved views are now available for cost and budget plans.

Advanced Demand Management

The demand management has been expanded in the modern UX. It also now offers an option in which the team can be managed within a configurable table view, which should promote the exchange of ideas. This includes familiar features such as CSV file export, grouping, saved views, etc. Budgets for ideas can now also be maintained and managed in the modern UX.

Time Tracking

Managers now have the option of filtering for open time sheets over several (active) periods and preparing reports about “missing time sheets” directly from the configurable time tracking overview. The new filters for resource OBS and employment type also improve usability.

Administration of Standard Views

Administrators now also have the option of defining saved standard views (e.g., lists, filters, and flyouts) and simplifying the configuration for the end user so they can be used across the company. End users can also select and manage favorites in the views.


When it comes to the hierarchies, some powerful new features have been introduced to improve the program. There are also some new hierarchy elements. These would include aggregation and computation metrics to roll out items according to business needs, card configurations by investment type, additional card color options, and the ability to export the entire hierarchy in PDF format.

*These features are for now available in the beta version only.

Roadmaps and Other Improvements

Additional elements, including process support for roadmaps, and custom investments have been added. It is now also possible to implement endless scrolling within an OBS to import roadmap elements. Furthermore, users can now use a link to go directly from the board view for investments to the respective investment details page and back again.

Webcast on the New Release

A Broadcom webcast provides interested parties with the opportunity to get a first impression of the new version. The webcast will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 16, 2020.

Go to the Broadcom webcast

Release Notes

These are just a few of the new features and optimizations that are available to you with Clarity PPM 15.8. You can find all of the details in the manufacturer’s release notes.

Go to the release notes

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