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Our project portfolio management (PPM) software is always there to help you make the right decision, including when you need a lean or comprehensive solution to make your projects succeed.

The Right PPM Software for Achieving Your Goals

Full PPM

Clarity PPM by Broadcom

  • Implementing projects the right way
  • Individual configuration and modifications
  • Comprehensive view of projects, financial data, and resources
  • A suitable tool for companies with more than 100 employees
  • Holistic solution for multi-project/project portfolio management, including resource planning
  • Uniform PPM regardless of the used project planning method
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Lean PPM

Meisterplan by itdesign

  • Implementing the right projects
  • Rapid tool installation
  • Brief overview of portfolio and resource utilization
  • Provides value at companies with as few as 10 employees
  • Simulate scenarios, thereby answering complex feasibility questions at the portfolio level
  • Can work together with your existing project management tools and methods
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Together We Are Strong

Harness the combined power of Clarity PPM and Meisterplan for an integrated solution.

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Clarity PPM

Your Software for Comprehensive Project and Portfolio Management

The software Clarity PPM (formerly CA PPM) can meet all your operational and strategic PPM requirements. Its strength lies in the combination of project, resource, finance, and portfolio management. Clarity PPM offers comprehensive configuration options and can be optimally adapted to your individual requirements.

  • All PPM functions in one tool
  • Operational and strategic PPM
  • Adapted to your needs
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Clarity is the proverbial jack of all trades among PPM tools. The software is outstanding across all areas, and in some of them it even leads the field. The functionality and flexibility of Clarity were decisive criteria in our selection process.

Lucas Klein

Organizational Manager for Digital Efficiency, TeamBank AG

We would not have been able to handle our growing business without such a system.

Dr. Frank Treichel

Service and Process Manager, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

The right projects are done with the right people at the right time.

Carmen Hess

Project Manager, W&W Informatik GmbH

I was particularly impressed by the ease with which Clarity PPM could be adapted to our specific requirements. This played a crucial role in ensuring the wide acceptance of the new tools on the part of project managers.

Stephan Koller

Head of IT, Generali (Schweiz) Holding AG

Thanks to the experience and project management expertise of itdesign specialists, we were able to accelerate the implementation schedule for Clarity PPM and minimize risks.

Dr. Christian Holland

Energy Sector, Siemens AG

Our PROMPT@Schenker methodology and Clarity PPM now provide us with more transparency about our projects as well as the orderly and secure processes within each project, including quality and approval checks, and group-wide standardization.

Cornelia Schwarz

Service Manager PROMPT, Schenker AG

itdesign takes care of Versicherungskammer Bayern's Clarity application management. This allows us to ensure smooth operation and focus on important internal projects.

Martin Degener-Koziol

Head of Department, Versicherungskammer Bayern


The Right Tool for Lean PPM

Meisterplan is a cloud-based solution for lean portfolio management that focuses on resource-oriented project and project portfolio planning. With Meisterplan you can keep track and quickly answer complex questions regarding feasibility, overload, and bottlenecks.

  • Simple simulation of portfolios
  • Optimal use of your resources
  • Fast to install, and even faster to use
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Meisterplan offers us much more than just a tool. We also benefit greatly from the Lean PPM method and the sharing of best practices.

Dennis Riedel

PMO (Central Division Sales & Services), Trumpf

There is no other product that does what Meisterplan does in terms of portfolio management and resource management without unessential extra features. If there were another product that does what Meisterplan does, I would have found it, because I tried them all.

Darrin McLaughlin

Senior Vice President/Technology Officer, Interra Credit Union

The biggest value that Meisterplan gives us is the ability to communicate across the enterprise what’s being worked on. It adds transparency as to why things are stacked ranked, and it holds people accountable to decisions that were made. This has resulted in more projects being completed on time, and more projects being aligned to a strategy, because they were accurately prioritized.

Brittany Leigh Jonaitis

Senior Director Program Management, Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP), ATTOM Data Solutions

Stronger Together

Combine the Strengths of Clarity PPM and Meisterplan

Take advantage of the strengths of each software package and use them in an integrated manner. Use Clarity PPM (CA PPM) to schedule your projects in detail down to the individual task level and use Meisterplan for strategic top-level planning of your portfolio. Just talk to us about it. We would be happy to show you how our customers put both tools to optimal use for their project portfolio management.

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