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We develop Clarity PPM as per your requirements. We make improvements, whether it is to meet your individual requirements as a customer or to enhance the manufacturer's software standard.

We Develop What You Need

No two companies are exactly the same when examined down to the finest detail. It is therefore only logical that requirements for software like Clarity PPM (CA PPM) differ also. As a CA Technologies technology partner, we will help you to expand your system. We use the latest web technologies and agile development methods to adapt the software to your individual requirements and equip your system with all the features that you need for your PPM.

Some of our innovations, such as itd Advanced Resource Planning, are licensed by the manufacturer itself. Others, like our itd Phoenix UI, have even been included as part of the standard feature set of the software. Today, not only our customers, but all users are able to benefit from the new, intuitive Clarity PPM user interface.

itdesign ist Focus Partner für Clarity PPM von CA Technologies

Most Popular Innovations

Professional Resource Planning in Clarity PPM

With Our Most Popular Innovation: itd Advanced Resource Planning

  • Simplify your resource planning with Clarity PPM
  • Finally draft realistic plans and make your planning transparent
  • Immediately detect overloads and act in time
Learn more about itd Advanced Resource Planning

More itdesign Innovations for Clarity

Make Your Clarity PPM Unbeatable, Too!

Do you have a specific requirement for your Clarity PPM that is not covered by the standard feature set? Get your solution from itdesign or tell us what you need. We would be happy to develop it for you.

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