Part 2: “Resource Management” Webinar Recording

Part 2 of the joint webinar series by itdesign and Rego Consulting is now also available on demand.

Professional Resource Planning in Clarity PPM with itd Advanced Resource Planning

Clarity PPM gives your company everything you need for successful resource management. Our itd Advanced Resource Planning solution makes this complex task even easier. Your planning becomes faster and more reliable. In the webinar we will show you how it works.

  • Plan resources for projects quickly and easily.
  • Immediately see the effects of your planning.
  • Recognize overloads and underloads thanks to the colored highlights.
  • Plan realistically and on the basis of reliable data from Clarity.
  • Work with scenarios to get the best result.

We will demonstrate all these capabilities with itd Advanced Resource Planning to you in the webinar.

Experts from itdesign and our PPM Global Alliance partner Rego Consulting are there for you to provide you with answers to complex resource management questions. While Part 1 of our webinar series revolves around the challenges and success factors of resource management, in Part 2 we deal with the actual implementation in Clarity PPM.

Watch the Webinar Now

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Did You Miss Part 1?

In the first part, we discuss resource management challenges and success factors. Why is it even worth it? Who should be involved, and what makes it so difficult? You can find the answers to these questions in the recording from December 19, 2019.

Watch part 1 now


Bianca Hartwich, Referentin Webinar-Serie Ressourcenmanagement richtig gemacht

Bianca Hartwich

Account Manager PPM,

Johannes Schütt, Referent Webinar-Serie Ressourcenmanagement richtig gemacht

Johannes Schütt

Senior Consultant,

Josh Childers, Rego Consulting - PPM Global Alliance Partner von itdesign

Josh Childers

Clarity Consultant,
Rego Consulting

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