Release Notes for itd Advanced Resource Planning

We are continuously working to optimize our most popular add-on for Clarity PPM.

itd Advanced Resource Planning is the most popular tool for efficient resource planning in Clarity PPM – developed by itdesign. In order to adapt itd Advanced Resource Planning to your specific requirements, we are continuously developing new features and fixing bugs. We include your feedback in our new releases to achieve the best fit between your wishes and the tool.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 11.1.0

The new release includes an extended utilization filter for investments in the allocation views, some improvements to the views introduced in version 11.0.0 and other usability improvements.

Allocation Modes: Utilization Filter by Investment Status

The status filter, which previously only took approved investments into account and was available in the allocation views in the menu under Visualization, has been replaced by a more intuitive and flexible utilization filter. This new utilization filter allows the selection of any status values as well as simultaneous filtering by several values. The new filter is available in the Utilization tab of the settings, under Employees – OSP Unit.

There are two ways to find the new utilization filter:

– In Allocation by investment mode: Settings > Utilization > Utilization filter: Employee – OSP unit.

– In Allocation by investment mode: in the bottom right-hand area of the resources via the Utilization settings > Utilization > Utilization filter: Employee – OSP unit button

The new utilization filter shows the utilization of several investments.

If several values are selected, all investments with one of the selected values are displayed. If you do not select anything, the filter does not apply and all investments are displayed regardless of their status. Existing views that previously only took approved investments into account are migrated to the new utilization filter with investment status set to Approved..

Optimized views

1. Dynamic filters for the current user

In the current release, you can now set the current user using the button. Fields in which resources are entered, such as Investment Manager or Resource Manager, now enter the Current User variable instead of the name of the resource associated with the current user.

When a view is loaded, it is dynamically replaced by the logged-in user and the view shows their investments or resources.

The filter current user shows only the own investments.

2. Smart Reloading

When switching views, the system now checks whether a reload is necessary. If the previous and new views show the same data, they are not reloaded. In the views by investment, the check is carried out separately for the top and bottom views.

3. Investments remain expanded when reloading

Expanded investments now remain expanded even if the view is reloaded. If the view is changed and the new view contains investments that were expanded in the previous view, these will also remain expanded in the new view.

4. Splitter position is consistent

The splitter position in the views by investment is now retained when switching views. When switching to another view, the size of the view is not adjusted.

5. ARP admins can edit and delete views shared with them

In the Manage views > Shared dialog, users in the ARP Admin group can now edit the access settings of views shared with them and delete such views. This should make it easier for administrators to correct access settings and delete unnecessary views.

Optimized Usability

1. Modes by Investment: Reset to effective role

In the Allocation and Assignment by Investment modes, you now have the option “Reset to effective role” in the context menu for team entries for resources and teams.

The context menu offers the option to reassign to the effective role.

This allows you to replace the resource or team with the effective role of the team entry again with two clicks. The resource is removed from the investment and the effective role is added again with the same assignment or allocation. If there is already a team entry for the role in the investment, a new team entry is created for a copy of the role.

2. Allocation by Investment: Replacement options for role

If you drag a resource or a team to a role in the Allocation by Investment mode, a dialog now opens with a choice between total and remaining availability.

A resource or team can receive the remaining or the full availability.

With Total availability, the entire assignment of the role for the resource or team is entered as before, even if this results in an overbooking. The new Remaining availability option only assigns the resource or team within the scope of the remaining availability so that no overbooking can occur.

Note: The replacement options also open if no overbooking is caused by the assignment of the entire availability.

3. Modes for Allocation: 'Qualifications' column

In the Allocation by investment and Allocation by resource modes, the Qualifications column is now available for role allocations. Here you can see and change the skills requested for the role in the team application.

4. New resource filters

Two new filter fields for resources are available for all views. The Team filter works for teams in the same way as the Role filter for roles: The default setting All does not filter, Yes only shows teams and No only shows resources and roles. Use the Resource type filter to select one or more resource types to filter resources, roles and teams: work, effort, equipment/devices or material.

Solved Issues

  • When sharing views, the selection for users and groups sometimes displayed duplicate entries and inactive users. This has been fixed.
  • Empty investments were displayed in the views for assignments with certain filter settings. This has been fixed.
  • The last selected view was not selected correctly when switching between view modes. In some cases, this led to many unsaved views being displayed. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases, the columns of the utilization view did not shift correctly. This has been fixed.
  • If changes were made to a view under Manage, the view was automatically selected. This has been fixed.
  • The application was not loaded correctly after clearing the cache with flushCaches. This has been fixed.
  • If the team entry of a role with a requirement name longer than 32 characters was replaced by another role whose name was also longer than 32 characters, the requirement name of the new team entry was shortened to 32 characters. This has been fixed.
  • In the utilization view, the logic for loading was executed twice. This has been fixed by loading the resources directly with the stored filter settings.
  • In some cases, client-side loading problems occurred, which slowed down the browser. This has been fixed.
  • When initially loading, the first of the month was selected as the start date instead of the current date. This has been fixed.
  • When entering allocations for an investment with an effort-controlled task, no associated allocation was created. This has been fixed.
  • Changes to shared views by another user logged in at the same time no longer cause any problems.
  • In some cases, processes were started even though the start condition was not met. This has been fixed.
  • When exporting to Excel, no values were exported for some columns. This has been fixed.


  • For technical reasons, itd Advanced Resource Planning version 11.1.0 requires Clarity version 16.0.3 or higher.
  • Clarity version 16.1 or newer is required to use the roadmap mode in itd Advanced Resource Planning.

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itd Advanced Resource Planning 11.0.0

In this release, many further improvements have been made and new functionalities introduced. From this version you can, for example, save and share views in itd Advanced Resource Planning.

With itd Advanced Resource Planning 11.0.0, the improved functionality of views replaces the saving and sharing of filters and default settings. In addition, various smaller changes simplify the handling.

Working with Views

1. Save Views

Views configured in itd Advanced Resource Planning can now be saved completely. Not only the stored filters are saved, as before, but all view settings.

A view includes the complete configuration for one of the four view modes for allocations or assignments by investment or resource.


2. Share Views

You can share your saved views with other users.


3. Manage Views

You can manage and organize available views in the “Views” window. The window provides an overview of your views as well as views that other users have shared with you. Here you can also rename views, change the sharing settings, and delete views that you no longer need. Use the star to mark views as favorites, which then appear before all other views in the selection.

Members of the ARP Admin group can also recommend views. Recommended views appear in the view selection directly after your favorites. Users who open itd Advanced Resource Planning for the first time start with the first recommended view in the selection.


4. System Views

The system views for the four view modes are generally shared with all users and can be added to the favorites under “Manage views” in the “Shared” tab like all other views.

Members of the ARP Admin group can also recommend and rename the system views there. In addition, members of the ARP Admin group can save changes to system views using the “Save view” button in the toolbar.

5. Saved Filters from Previous Versions

Existing filters are automatically converted into views when itd Advanced Resource Planning 11.0.0 is started for the first time. These can be found in the “View” menu, in the list for the underlying view mode, under the name of the filter. The view is initially shared with the same users as the filter before.

For views by investment, saved assignment or allocation filters are combined with the application’s default filter for resources, and vice versa for resource filters.

Usability Improvements

Links to Clarity Are Now Always Opened in the Modern UX

All links for which there is a matching target in the Modern UX now lead there by default.

Allocation by Resource: Allocation and Commitment per Resource

In Allocation by Resource mode, you can now always select the allocation and commitment for both resource fields (left or right).

This allows you to compare the total values at resource level easily and transparently.


Feature Toggle: Display Configured Cell Values as a Hint

As a new feature that can be switched on, you can now display the values configured in the “Layout” tab of the settings for the left and right side of the cells (e.g. “Availability / Allocation”) in a message when users hover over the figures.

You can control this separately for the investment and resource views.

These settings are described in the section “Settings of the search option list itd AE Preferences” of the “Administration” chapter at the back of the manual, in each case under “Show grid hints in investment views/resource views”.


Button “Filter + Hide” Removed

When you click on “Filter”, the filter area is now automatically collapsed.

We have therefore removed the “Filter + collapse” button, which previously had this function.


Solved Issues

Incorrect remaining and actual expenditure with ``Calculate totals: Filtered``

In all view modes, the setting Calculate totals: Filtered filters were sometimes not correctly taken into account when calculating the totals for the remaining and actual effort. This issue is now solved.

Allocation by resource: Clicking on agile teams opened a blank page

In the Allocation by Resource view, clicking on an agile team sometimes displayed a blank page. This issue is now solved.

Portlet was no longer loaded on the second call in the Classic UI

There were problems in the Classic UI if the portlet was called twice in the same session. The application was then not loaded correctly. This issue is now solved.


  • For technical reasons, itd Advanced Resource Planning version 11.0.0 requires Clarity version 16.0.3 or higher.
  • Clarity version 16.1 or newer is required to use the roadmap mode in itd Advanced Resource Planning.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 10.0.0

In this release, a couple of improvements have been made to the Roadmap scenario mode. Custom investments and Gantt bars for assignments are available in the assignment views. In addition, some small improvements have been made to increase usability, and the performance was improved by optimizing the database queries.


Improvements of the Roadmap Scenario Mode

Filters and scenarios created in the Roadmap scenario mode are now only available in this mode. This makes it possible to work in all the different modes without them getting in each other’s way.

To improve the usability in the Roadmap scenario mode, investments in the Roadmap scenario mode are sorted by the order number of the Roadmap items. The Roadmap’s timeslice configuration is automatically applied to the Roadmap sceanrio mode. These improvements allow for faster orientation when switching from the Roadmap to the Roadmap scenario mode. Additionally, all changes in scenario mode are persistent and only the views for allocations are available for selection.

We also fixed issues with faulty highlighting of changes and editing investment fields after using the Roadmap scenario mode. See below for details.


Improvements in the Views for Assignments

As already in the views for allocations, custom investments are now also available in the views for assignments. In addition, with this release it is possible to show Gantt bars for assignments.


Usability Improvements

New Sorting Options

There are new sorting options for Tasks, Phases, Assignments and Team Entries. These can be found under Preferences → Layout → Sorting.

If Tasks and Phases are not sorted by Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) per default, actions to move or indent the Task and Phase are disabled. In addition, the possibility to sort by Investment type has been added for investments.


Gantt Bars Individually Configurable for Objects

Gantt bars can now be activated or deactivated individually for Investments, Tasks, Phases, Assignments and Team entries.


Configurable Display of Inactive Resources

Under Preferences, there is a new option that makes it possible to individually configure the display of inactive resources on Team Entries and Assignments.


Solved Issues

Faulty Highlighting of Changes in Roadmap Scenario Mode

In some cases, numbers and/or Gantt bars in the Roadmap Scenario Mode were colored blue with no difference between planned and actual data. This issue is now solved.

Couldn’t Edit Investment Fields after Using Roadmap Scenario Mode

After using the Roadmap scenario mode, changes to some fields of investments were no longer possible in Clarity. This issue is now solved.

Conversations Panel Couldn’t Be Closed

After a certain length of a role/resource name, the conversation panel could no longer be closed via the X in the upper right corner. Long names are now abbreviated after a certain length.

Apparent Overwriting of Other Filters When Saving a New Filter

In some cases, a display error occurred in the client when saving a new filter. It appeared that filters were being overwritten by mistake. This issue is now solved.

Query Limit Dialog No Longer Visible

The warning when the query limit is reached was no longer displayed correctly. This issue is now solved.


For technical reasons, itd Advanced Resource Planning version 10.0.0 requires Clarity PPM 16.1.0 or newer.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 9.4.0

This release brings usability improvements with a new context menu item for investments and shareable filters. We also introduced a new feature toggle to make views read-only for certain work effort units.


Shareable Filter

When saving a filter, you can now select users to share it with. Only the user who shared the filter can edit or delete it.

Share filters with other users during saving process

'Show Investment Team' Context Menu Item for Investments Also Available in Global Mode

We have added the Show Investment Team item in the context menu of an investment to the global multi-investment mode. Previously, this was only available in the single-investment mode. The menu item is available in both investment modes (Assignments by Investment and Allocations by Investment).

This feature is a convenient way to filter the resource list in the utilization panel, such that it only displays the selected investment’s team members.

Option 'Show Investment Team' now also available in the global multi investment mode

Feature Toggle

Make Views Ready-Only for Certain Work Effort Units

We have added a feature toggle to make the views read-only for certain work effort units.

What happens?

  • If the current selected work effort unit of the user is configured as read-only, all grid cells for all different model types and views are read-only. Also, changing the start/finish and therefore moving/resizing Gantt bars isn’t possible.

  • The rename action for projects or tasks is also not available.

  • All other actions are still available, specifically adding, replacing, or copying an assignment or team entry.

Our support team can assist you with enabling this feature.

Make the views read-only for certain work effort units

Solved Issues

Clarity Team Processes Are Not Auto-Starting on Team Update or Create

In some cases, Clarity team processes are not started during update or create actions. This has been fixed.

'Allow Edit of Allocations when Investment Is Locked' Option Not Working as Expected

It was not possible to save allocations for locked projects although the option was selected. This has been fixed.

Save New Task with Open Editor

There was a problem with saving new tasks when the naming editor was still open. This has been fixed.


Starting with version 9.1.1 of itd Advanced Resource Planning, Clarity 16.0.2 or newer is required for technical reasons. Please note that the integration of MUX conversations for team entries in the allocations modes, as described in section “6.8 Conversations” of the user manual, requires Clarity 16.0.3 or newer.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 9.3.0

With this version of itd Advanced Resource Planning, we introduce the Roadmap scenario mode in Allocation views. Additional preference options for hiding Allocation and Assignment data of resources to which no rights exist and for hiding the primary roles of resources are now also available.

In addition, the performance and usability of the views have been optimized, investments are now directly customizable in scenario mode (not only via team entries), and some bugs have been fixed.

Roadmap Scenario Mode in Allocation Views

itd Advanced Resource Planning now provides specific functionality when using it as a channel in the Roadmap of the Modern UX.

In order to activate the Roadmap-specific functionality a new channel needs to be added for the Roadmap blueprint and linked to itd Advanced Resource Planning. Furthermore, the Roadmap internal ID needs to be provided via the ‘roadmapId’ URL parameter. See section 8.7 of the User and Administrator Manual for details about this.

If the channel is configured correctly, opening the itd Advanced Resource Planning tab will create a new capacity scenario for the currently selected Roadmap scenario if none already exists for that Roadmap scenario and the current user. All investments linked to a roadmap item in the selected Roadmap scenario will be added to that capacity scenario. The Start date of each investment is shifted in the capacity scenario to match the start date of its linked Roadmap item. The Finish date is also shifted according to the original durations, both of which are not synchronized with the Roadmap. Associated team entries are shifted accordingly. Additionally, we map the Roadmap item In Plan value to the Investment status (In Plan = approved, Not In Plan = unapproved).

This gives you the possibility to see the capacity impact for the given Roadmap. You can simulate changes to the capacity scenario and their effects by changing Start and Finish dates or the Investment status. Only changes to the Start dates and the Investment status will be synchronized back to the linked Roadmap item.

Further Improvements

Investments Can Be Moved in Scenario Mode

It is now possible to move and resize investments in scenario mode of the Allocations by Investment and Allocations by Resource views. Every team entry of the investment will be resized or moved according to the investments.

More Resource Standard Fields Are Configurable

We extended the sources to configure the Input Type Code, Open for Time Entry and Track Mode resource attributes as additional custom columns or filters.

Loading Performance Improvement When Resource View Rights Are Enforced

When one of the toggles ‘resource_view_right_ass_by_res‘, ‘resource_view_right_all_by_res’ or ‘resource_view_right_all_by_inv’ was active, the loading performance decreased for data sets with lots of resources. The queries were improved so that large data sets can be loaded in combination with these toggles without having a decreased loading performance.

Support German (Switzerland) and Italian (Switzerland) Locales

We reviewed and improved our locale support (date and number formatting) in itd Advanced Resource Planning. We also added support for the German (Switzerland) and Italian (Switzerland) locales.

Display of Investments in a Flyout Panel in Resource View for the Assignments by Investment View

The resource utilization histogram in the Allocations by Investment view already supported an overview of associated investments when clicking on a histogram segment. We extended this feature to cover the Assignments by Investment view as well.

Open Assignment in a Modal Dialog

The user can open the Clarity assignment properties page from Advanced Resource Planning, by using the Open properties menu item. We switched to opening a modal dialog for this, like for the project phase, task, milestone and team entry properties, to keep the user from having to leave the itd Advanced Resource Planning view.

Feature Toggle & Customizations

Hiding Assignment or Allocation Data in the Resource Panel of the by Investment Views

We added a feature toggle for hiding the assignment or allocation data of resources for which no Resource – View right exists in the resource panel of the ‘by Investment’ views. With the Resource – Soft Book right, an empty row with only the name and primary role of a resource will be displayed in this case.

Hiding the Primary Role of Resources in All Views

You can now also hide the primary role of resources in all views via a feature toggle.

Customizing the Team Entry Creation for Role Assignments

We added a feature toggle that changes the default behavior for creating new team entries for new role assignments. When this new toggle is active, a new team entry is automatically created for each new role assignment, even if a team entry of the selected role already exists for the associated project task or investment. The dialog for choosing the team entry will no longer be displayed with this setting. This streamlines assignment creation for many customers.

Hint: The administrator section of the manual includes the new feature toggles. Our support team can assist you with enabling these features.

Solved Issues

Fixed Endless Loading of Lower Resource Panel

In some very specific cases, the lower resource panel of the Assignments by Investment and Allocations by Investment views loaded endlessly.


Starting with version 9.1.1 of itd Advanced Resource Planning, Clarity PPM 16.0.2 or newer is required for technical reasons.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 9.0.0

Big Feature

Conversations for Team Entries in Allocation Views

We integrated the standard MUX conversations for team entries in itd Advanced Resources Planning. Clicking on a team entry in either of the Allocations by Investment or Allocations by Resource views adds a small Details button at the top right side of the view. This button opens a conversation panel for this team entry only. Conversations are also available in the standard MUX Staff project tab.


Performance Optimization for Allocation Views

We significantly optimized the loading performance of team entries in the Allocations by Investment and Allocations by Resource views when many distinct resource calendars with a great number of exceptions are used.

'Investment Type' Filter Now Supports Custom Investments

We extended the Investment Type filter to support custom investments.

Changes to Default Period and Standard Filter

We made changes to some default options and filters, for new users:

  • Default Slice Period is now months instead of weeks.

  • The Low Utilization at and Below preference now defaults to 80% instead of 0%.

  • The Investment Type filter was added to the default filters for the Allocations by Investment and Assignments by Investment views.

Changed Defaults for Inactive Investments and Project Template Filters in Allocation Views

Hide is the new default option for the Inactive Investments and Project Template filters in the Allocations by Investment and Allocations by Resource views, such that adding these filter fields no longer changes the result set.

‘Filter for Role, OBS and Skills' Action Renamed to 'Show candidates (by Role, OBS and Skills)'

The Filter for Role, OBS and Skills action was renamed to Show candidates (by Role, OBS and Skills).

'Show All' Button Removed from Filter Panel

The Show All button was removed from the filter panel as the same effect can be achieved by using the Clear and Filter + Hide buttons.

Solved Issues

Fixed Rendering of Investment ID Column

The rendering of the Investment ID column was changed to always treat the column as string data, and never as a number. 

'Full Screen' Button Now Working With Phoenix UI

The Toggle Full Screen button is now working properly when using Phoenix UI and Classic PPM.


Starting with version 8.4.0 of itd Advanced Resource Planning, Clarity PPM 15.7.1 or newer is required for technical reasons.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.4.0


In the Assignments by Resource and Allocation by Resource Views, Resources and Roles without Team Entries Are Still Displayed with Default Filters

In the Assignments by Resource and Allocation by Resource views, resources and roles without any team entries were filtered out when any of the following three default filters were applied:

  • Hide Project Templates
  • Hide Inactive Investments
  • Hide Investments from the Past

However, it is usually desired to manage all resources in these views. We have therefore adjusted the behavior to not filter out resources and roles without team entries when these default filters are applied.

Saving Filters

The behavior for saving filters was changed:

  • The saved filters are now always sorted alphabetically.
  • After pressing Save Filter, the focus is now set correctly.
  • When saving a new filter, an existing filter can be selected to overwrite that filter.

Adjusted Colors to Match Clarity PPM New UX Design

We adjusted the colors in itd Advanced Resource Planning to provide a matching user experience with new Clarity PPM versions.

Welcome Tour

We extended the Welcome Tour for new users of itd Advanced Resource Planning to give a quick introduction about the core features and how they can be used.

Allow Editing of Allocations for Roles without Assigned Resources

When a role has no assigned resources (having that role as their primary role), it has no availability. Therefore it wasn’t possible to enter allocations for such roles. Similar to Clarity, we now also allow editing allocations of roles without assigned resources.

Governor Configuration Moved to a Custom Lookup

The governor properties (e.g. query limits) can now be managed via a custom lookup instead of a file in the file system. Changes made to the file are not automatically migrated to the new lookup. Contact us if you want to make any adjustments to governor properties.

Solved Issues

Fixed Duration on Tasks Was Not Considered When Shrinking, Extending or Moving Tasks and Phases

When shrinking, extending or moving a task or phase, the Fixed Duration flag was not properly considered and the task was not shrunk, extended or moved correctly. There are still some smaller remaining issues in the preview when editing assignments on tasks with the Fixed Duration flag. However, such tasks are always saved correctly after editing them.

Histogram Investment Overview Flyout Showed Inactive Investments and Ignored the “Include Only Approved Investments” Option

The investment overview flyout in the histogram view included inactive investments (although they’re not included in the histogram figures) and ignored the Include Only Approved Investments option. Both issues are now solved.

Resource or Role Histogram Was Green Even Though a Resource Was Overbooked

When an overbooked resource or role had more than twice the availability of the default base calendar on that day, the red bar was not displayed. We adjusted the rendering, such that overbookings can always be clearly detected by ensuring that there is always space for the red bar.

Using Default Sorting of Investments Caused an Error on MSSQL Server

With the introduction of itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.2, it is possible to configure the sorting order of investments. With MSSQL Server, an error occurred. This feature now also works with MSSQL Server.

Creating Team Entries in Assignments by Resource View Caused an Error

Creating additional team entries for a resource in the Assignments by Resource view caused errors in some cases. These errors no longer occur.

OBS Filter Never Considered Custom Investments

The OBS filter always filtered out custom investments, even if the filter matched. Now such investments are still displayed with an OBS filter if they match.

Open Properties on Assignments in Assignments by Resource View Did Nothing

In the Assignments by Resource view, the Open Properties menu action for an assignment now opens the associated details view.

Editor Buttons in Scenario Mode in the Allocation Views Were Rendered Multiple Times

The editor buttons in scenario mode are now rendered only once and in the correct position.


Starting with version 8.4.0 of itd Advanced Resource Planning, Clarity PPM 15.7.1 or newer is required for technical reasons.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.2.0

Sorting Projects by Custom Fields

With this release of itd Advanced Resource Planning, we enabled sorting for projects by any custom field which is configured in the Admin Configuration, except for fields with lookups.

The sorting field and order can be configured by every user in the Layout tab of the preferences:

itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.2.0 | Sorting Field Layout

The default sorting by name is always available. When sorting by any other field, the sorting order among items with the same value in the sorting field will still be by name:

itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.2.0 | Default Sorting by Name

The sorting by name now also works consistently for all investment types (previously, investments of the “Other Work” type were listed separately at the end).

The configured sorting field and order apply to all four view modes of itd Advanced Resource Planning.

Default Filter Configuration

When the filters for project templates, investments from the past and inactive investments aren’t displayed, such investments will be hidden by default.

This is indicated in the filter panel:

itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.2.0 | Default Filter Configuration

When these filters are displayed, their current value is applied as before. The default setting for all of these filters is to show associated investments.


Replacing Resources, Roles and Agile Teams by Roles

In Allocations by Investment mode, resources, roles and agile teams can now also be replaced by roles.

This means that you can now replace resources, roles, and agile teams by each other in all view modes.

Onboarding and Support Information

Every new user will get an introduction when opening Advanced Resource Planning for the first time.

Additionally, the help button is now easier to find.

Here you can find a link to online resources for itd Advanced Resource Planning as well as an e-mail address where you can get a personal demo or support.

Solved Issues

Actuals and ETC Not Displayed for Custom Investment Types

Custom investment types now show actuals and/or ETC when configured as secondary value (displayed at the left edge of a cell) in the Allocation by Investment and Allocation by Resource modes.

Note: Custom investment types are still not supported in the Assignment modes.

Edited Values Lost When Scrolling

Scrolling previously canceled editing a field, assignment, or allocation value, resetting that value. Now when scrolling, the field that was being edited will retain the currently entered value.

Utilization Details Show Horizontal Scrollbar

The utilization detail view which is displayed when clicking on a segment of the utilization view in the Allocation by Investment mode now avoids showing a horizontal scrollbar to easily view all data.

Work Effort Unit Not Displayed Correctly in Hourly Mode

Switching the work effort unit to hourly now also updates the displayed work effort unit in the footer.

Displaying Query Limit Dialog in Preferences Caused an Exception for Invalid Settings

Invalid query limit settings could cause an exception when opening the associated settings. Now the default values are applied in this case.


Starting with version 7.7.0 of Advanced Resource Planning, Clarity PPM 15.7 or newer is required for technical reasons.

Advanced Resource Planning 8.1.0

Key Features

In this release of itd Advanced Resource Planning, the agile planning in teams as well as the planning of custom investments are supported.

Support of Agile Teams

With this release, Advanced Resource Planning supports agile planning in teams. In the Modern UX in Clarity PPM, teams can be created and allocated based on the capacity of their team members. The allocations a resource has as part of a team are considered in the displayed workload.

Teams can be quickly identified in all views via the following team icon:

ARP 8.1.0: Icon Agiles Team
itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.1.0: Support for agile teams

Based on the allocations a team receives due to its members, it is assigned an availability which may be distributed on projects.

itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.1.0: Support of agile teams

In the Role/Resource filter, users can filter by a team. As with other resources, Advanced Resource Planning checks whether users have access rights to a team and only displays it in this case.

Support of Custom Investments

Custom investments can be planned and managed in Advanced Resource Planning.

They can be quickly identified via the associated icon:

ARP 8.1.0: Icon Custom Investment
itd Advanced Resource Planning 8.1.0: Support of custom investments

With the Investments filter, users can filter by custom investments. As with other investments, Advanced Resource Planning checks whether users have access rights to an investment and only displays it in this case. Currently, custom investments are only supported in the allocations views.



The Assignments by Resource and Allocations by Resource view are now loaded significantly faster when large amounts of data are included.

Better Results for “Assignment Has ETC” and “Team Has Allocation” Filters

The filters are now optimized to display items with ETC, Actuals, Planned and Hard Allocations in the selected view also when large amounts of data are included.

Optional Links to the New Clarity PPM User Experience

Any links referring to the Clarity PPM Classic UI can now be updated to point to the corresponding items in the “New User Experience”. This includes the Open Properties menu item as well as clicking on resource names in the workload view.

Solved Issues

Adding a Resource to a Non-Project Investment Object without Existing Team Entries Fails

Adding resources to non-project investment objects without existing team entries now works.

Sum Column Not Updated After Deleting a Team Entry

The values of the Planned Allocation and Hard Allocation sum columns are now updated after deleting a team entry.

Assignments With Actuals Shiftable

After a resource has submitted actuals, it is no longer possible to enter ETC hours for the associated periods. This is now also checked when shifting assigments.

User Defined Time Scaled Values Not Correctly Shifted

When shifting an assigment, task or phase, user defined time scaled values are now shifted as well according to the Loading Pattern. Accordingly, Autoschedule now considers this when called out of Advanced Resource Planning. Consequently, user defined time scaled values may no longer exist outside the assignment period.

Negative Values for Number of Decimals Possible

The Decimal Places field in the settings now only accepts whole numbers between 0 and 5.

Database Connections Not Closed after Process Actions

After executing process actions in Advanced Resource Planning, a database connection wasn’t always closed correctly, which could cause limitations in the system. This issue is now solved.


Starting with version 7.7.0 of Advanced Resource Planning, Clarity PPM 15.7 or newer is required for technical reasons.