Implementation of Clarity PPM

Individualized consulting on software selection, successful implementation with tried and tested methods, and reliable support for your change process by itdesign.

Scoping Workshop

We Know What Is Important to You

Our top priority is that you remain satisfied with your new tool. So before you make a decision to use Clarity PPM (CA PPM), we will conduct a scoping workshop with you to determine whether the software really suits your requirements. This will help us get a feel for your goals in terms of the later implementation steps as well as your environment and the planned project’s framework conditions. If you then decide in favor of Clarity PPM, you will benefit from our tried and tested implementation methods.

Thanks to the experience and project management expertise of itdesign specialists, we were able to accelerate the implementation schedule for Clarity PPM and minimize risks.

Dr. Christian Holland

Energy Sector, Siemens AG

Proof of Concept

We Will Provide a Basis for Your Decision

We want to ensure that Clarity PPM (CA PPM) is really the right software for your company and provide you with an informed basis for making a decision. Before you make a final decision about the software and purchase licenses, we can offer to provide you with a Proof of Concept (PoC). We will set up a prototype of the system for you. Depending on your requirements, this can be done over a few weeks or even several months. At this point you will get a chance to try the system out. The best part is this: If you later decide to buy Clarity PPM, we can use any deliverables that are provided with the PoC as a starting point for the actual implementation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Save time and money
  • Take advantage of our best practice experience
  • Test software without having to purchase a license
  • Select the appropriate expansion stage
  • Get a sound basis for decision-making
  • Get a basis for later implementation

In addition to the technical and functional validation, the proof of concept also acted as internal marketing for Clarity. It enabled us to make the tool tangible for future users at an early stage and increase the acceptance for the introduction of a new software.

Lucas Klein

Organizational Manager for Digital Efficiency, TeamBank AG

Proof of Concept vs. Tender

You can find out more about the benefits of the Proof of Concept in our article entitled “Best Practice for Selecting Software: A Proof of Concept Instead of Tendering.”

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itdesign-Kunde TeamBank Logo

Proof of Concept in Practice at TeamBank AG

In this interview with TeamBank, you will get first-hand insights about the company’s experience with a Proof of Concept in selecting and implementing Clarity.

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Implementation and Change

We Have the Right Method for You

Once you decide to get Clarity PPM, there will be no hangups when it comes to the actual implementation. Regardless of whether you need a quick software solution with minimal customization, or you have special and individual requirements, we can give you the Clarity PPM that suits your needs. We are there for you during your change process as well. We can train your users to make sure that you convey the value of the software at your company in such a way that you achieve buy-in across the board.

In order to ensure that Clarity PPM is able to meet your needs in the best possible way, we have developed two implementation methods, namely itd Quick Start and the itd Secure Implementation Method (SIM). Which method suits you better depends on what is important to you.

itd Quick Start

Fast and Out of the Box

  • Standardized range of features
  • Work productively and as fast as possible
  • Implementation can be completed within 40 days
  • Low budgetary requirements
  • Release security thanks to standard functionality
  • Step-by-step process
  • Packages that comply with best practices
Einführung von Clarity PPM mit itd Quick Start

itd SIM

Customized and Flexible Package

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Focus on your individual requirements
  • Iterative development and delivery cycles
  • Incorporation of feedback into the ongoing process
  • High level of user acceptance
  • Maximization of benefits
  • Close collaboration and communication
Einführung von Clarity PPM mit itd SIM

Find Out Which Method Suits You Best!

itd Quick Start is the best fit when …

  • you are focused on starting to work with Clarity PPM (CA PPM) productively and as fast as possible.
  • you are ready to start making pragmatic decisions.
  • your company is able to handle part of the implementation.
  • you are open to best practice input and, if necessary, are willing to consider revising your business process.
  • the use of standard features without in-depth modifications of the tool is satisfactory for you.

itd SIM is the best fit when …

  • your requirements are complex and specific.
  • you envision a timeframe of more than 6 months for the implementation project.
  • you prefer an iterative process so that you can incorporate regular feedback during the implementation.
  • you need a flexible project scope that can be adapted to changing or new requirements.
  • obtaining a map of your business processes is paramount.

Download itd Quick Start Details

  • Implementing Clarity PPM with itd Quick Start

    Quickly implement Clarity PPM at your company and use the existing out-of-the-box features.


Download itd SIM Details

  • Implementing Clarity PPM with itd SIM

    Install a customized version of Clarity PPM with the features you need at your company.


Taking an iterative approach to implementing Clarity can significantly boost acceptance of the tool among future users. At TeamBank, we found that it’s very helpful to gradually introduce individual functions that are aimed at replacing our existing processes. This allows employees to get used to new ways of working and makes them more likely to embrace them. Over time, the range of functions can then be continuously expanded.

Lucas Klein

Organizational Manager for Digital Efficiency, TeamBank AG

Take the First Step!

During our first joint web session, I will demonstrate the most important features of Clarity PPM to you in a live system, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you already have any specific requirements or are planning to implement Clarity PPM soon I look forward to discussing your options.

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