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We support you in the use of Clarity so that everything always runs smoothly.

Support and Help Desk

We Are There for Your Users

During the day-to-day use of software, questions about how to use certain features might come up or errors occur that may require experienced expert analysis and solutions. Our support team will answer your Clarity PPM questions and gladly address problems of all kinds.

  • 2nd-level support: We analyze and document incidents in the standard of the product, answer questions, provide solutions or workarounds, and put them into operation.
  • If the cause of the error lies in the code of the standard tool, we delegate the task to the software development department of CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company.

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Application Management

We Ensure That Your Business Operates Smoothly

Regardless of whether you operate your system internally, with an external service provider, or in the cloud, we will support you by handling administration and maintenance. In addition to ensuring a high level of system availability, we ensure that you receive a version update at least once a year, so that you always get secure and reliable manufacturer support.

  • Administration and Maintenance
  • Smooth operation and availability
  • Regular version upgrades


We Provide You with a Future-Proof System

With the SysCheck, we put your system to the test. Trained specialists examine the current status of your application and its supporting infrastructure. We point out any potential weak points and provide you with concrete recommendations for short-, medium-, and long-term measures. We also look at the system with a view to future version upgrades.

  • Examination of your application and infrastructure
  • Report with noted vulnerabilities
  • Recommendation of concrete measures

In consultation with the relevant department, we decided on external hosting and application management with itdesign. Our internal IT can then focus on other strategically important tasks. We have also found that with an external service provider, user requests can be highly prioritized. Additionally, the system is always up to date, and we can take advantage of all the new features.

SGL Carbon GmbH

Andrea Obernolte, Process Owner

itdesign takes care of Versicherungskammer's Clarity application management. This allows us to ensure smooth operation and focus on important internal projects.


Martin Degener-Koziol, Responsible for IT Strategy – Topics and Processes

We Gladly Support You!

With our support services for Clarity PPM, your system will run smoothly at all times. Let me know how we can support you.

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