Our Strong Network of International Partnerships

Together we can go further in life. Partnerships are an integral to our success – as well as the success of our customers.


The Manufacturer's Biggest Clarity Partner in Europe

We have maintained a good relationship with Clarity manufacturer Broadcom (formerly CA Technologies) for over 20 years. Our significant and ongoing contributions to the success of the software has made us the strongest Clarity Partner in Europe and the only Tier 1 Partner for Germany and Austria.

Our popular professional resource management add-on, itd Advanced Resource Planning, is licensed by the manufacturer itself. Other developments, such as the intuitive Phoenix UI user interface, have now been incorporated into the software’s standard feature set.

Tier 1 Partner

Customers and other partners purchase their Clarity licenses directly from us.

itdesign Clarity SaaS

itdesign can take over your Clarity system hosting and operation on request.

Support and Technology Partner

We provide support and help develop the software for the manufacturer.

International Partnerships

International Network of Focused Clarity Expertise

For many years now, we have been working closely with our international partner companies throughout Europe and North America. We share knowledge, best practices, and resources to achieve our common vision of providing excellent project portfolio management software and services to organizations around the world, adding real value. A special milestone was reached in 2018 when we established the PPM Global Alliance. 

itdesign Partner Atica Consulting

Clarity DACH User Group

Community Spirit and Engagement

In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Clarity users have organized themselves into a vendor-independent user group. Among other things, we regularly sponsor events and make our premises available to promote the sharing of experiences and best practices in this vibrant community.

More Genuine Partnerships

We strive to maintain genuine partnerships with our Clarity customers. We work at the same level as we achieve goals together as a team. We have already been successful with over 130 companies.

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Head of Sales Clarity

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