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What does itdesign do? Who are the people behind it? Where are the company offices located? Who are the company's customers and partners? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

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What does itdesign do?

itdesign Provides Comprehensive Software Solutions

Our portfolio of solutions includes three software products, and each one comes with consulting, custom development solutions, support, hosting, and more. We offer the CRM software CAS genesisWorld from the manufacturer CAS for customer relationship management in medium-sized businesses.

Moreover, we are experts when it comes to fully comprehensive project and portfolio management with Clarity software. The manufacturer Broadcom considers itdesign its number one partner in Europe. Meisterplan is our own tool for lean project portfolio management with capacity planning.

Since 1999

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Customer Relationship Management

Since 2003

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Comprehensive Project and Portfolio Management

Since 2010

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Lean Project Portfolio Management

Who are the people behind itdesign?

More Than 230 People Are Part of the itdesign Family

Whilst completing their academic studies, Johannes Koppenhöfer and Dr. Jörg Leute founded the company itdesign in 1999. Since then, a lot has happened: In 2016, we moved into our own building in Tübingen. Christoph Adamczyk and Dr. Christoph Hirnle then joined the company’s management board.

With over 230 employees at five locations in four countries, our team is growing and becoming more diverse. What connects us? For over 25 years, we have enjoyed working together to inspire customers through our products, our services, and our partnership.

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Where is itdesign located?

We Have Five International Locations

Our headquarters are located in the Swabian region of southwest Germany, in the beautiful city of Tübingen. However, because geographic proximity to our customers is important to us, we have not settled for only one location.

Instead, we have opened additional offices in recent years, including outside of Germany. We also have offices in Canada, the United States, and India.

Who does itdesign collaborate with?

We Work with over 650 Companies of All Sizes and in All Industries

Our customers range from small tax consultancies to medium-sized mechanical engineering companies and multinational high-tech corporations. Our software products are tailored to the respective needs and requirements of different groups.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our partners built on trust, as is the case with CAS, the manufacturer of CAS genesisWorld from Karlsruhe, and Broadcom, the US manufacturer of Clarity.

Our Story

From the Foundation until Today

Two Students Found itdesign
First Product: itd client pro
Start in CRM Consulting
First Clarity Implementation
The First PPM Konferenz
Our Add-on for Professional Resource Planning
Technology Partnership for Clarity
Meisterplan Is Born
Tübingen and Toronto
Expansion of the Management Board
Foundation of the PPM Global Alliance
Largest Clarity Partner in Europe
Further Locations in Europe
itdesign Becomes a Hosting Provider
India Opens Doors for Us

Johannes Koppenhöfer and Dr. Jörg Leute are fascinated by how new technologies can help people do their jobs. They found itdesign GmbH and, thanks to some good ideas, soon become development partners of CAS Software AG. This partnership still exists today.

In 2000, more than 7,500 companies present at CeBIT. Among them: itdesign. We present the itd client pro, our first product for CAS genesisWorld.

Who better to introduce a CRM than those who develop modules for it? itdesign steps into consulting for CAS genesisWorld. We are close to the customer and gain important experience: What does software have to look like so that people enjoy working with it?

In 2003, a customer from Switzerland asks if itdesign can also introduce project portfolio management software. We can! itdesign becomes a partner for the Clarity software, which was then part of Niku and is now part of Broadcom. Since then, PPM has been part of our DNA.

We organized our first PPM conference in 2006. Since then, we have brought Clarity users from the DACH region together once a year to create a framework for networking, exchange and inspiration around the topic of Clarity and PPM.

Our add-on itd Assignment Editor is launched for the first time. Today, the Clarity extension is called itd Advanced Resource Planning and is used by more than 10,000 people worldwide for professional resource planning.

We not only implement PPM software, but also contribute to it ourselves. itdesign has been a Clarity technology partner since 2010 and develops add-ons and individual customizations. Each add-on solves a specific problem for our customers. A milestone: Clarity release 15.6 in 2018, in which the user-friendly "Phoenix UI" interface developed by us became the standard for the software.

"Make plans that work!" In 2012, we launched our first own cloud-based software solution, Meisterplan, taking the step from consulting and service company to software developer. Since then, Meisterplan has stood for lean project portfolio management and is now used worldwide as a leading lean PPM tool.

In 2016, we move to our new company building in the heart of Tübingen. At the same time, we open our first location abroad in Toronto and take our first steps into the North American market with Meisterplan.

itdesign continues to grow steadily. This is also reflected in the management team. In 2017 and 2018, Christoph Adamczyk and Dr. Christoph Hirnle joined as additional members.

Together with four other PPM-enthusiastic, international companies, we are founding the PPM Global Alliance: a forum for the exchange of best practices, resources, and knowledge with the common goal of providing companies worldwide with excellent PPM software and services and creating real added value.

As a newly appointed Tier 1 and largest Clarity partner in Europe, we are now no longer only active in the DACH region, but also support Clarity customers throughout Europe. An important milestone on the way to even more internationality!

Our growth continues. In 2019 and 2020, we opened new locations in Zwickau and Mainz. We now work at six locations worldwide with around 180 employees.

With our new product itdesign Clarity SaaS, Clarity customers will now benefit from Clarity in the cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) with the highest security standards. As part of this, we are taking over some customers from our North American partner Rego Consulting and transferring them from Broadcom's infrastructure to our AWS cloud.

In 2021, we founded itdesign Meisterplan India Private Limited, based in New Delhi, from where we also manage our Clarity development and support requests. Additional Clarity specialists from the Indian talent market help us to meet the increased demand.

130+ Clarity Customers

When it comes to our Clarity services, we work primarily with large companies and corporations. Since we customize the software to meet individual requirements, we serve customers from a wide range of industries.

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