Support from itdesign

Our support team will provide you with quick and reliable support regarding any questions you may have about our PPM software. We look forward to support you!

Support for Clarity PPM and itd Advanced Resource Planning

itdesign Help Desk

Our itdesign help desk provides customers with quick and uncomplicated support for Clarity PPM (CA PPM) and itd Advanced Resource Planning.

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Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials will teach you tips and tricks for Clarity PPM and our integrated solution itd Advanced Resource Planning. Take a look at our YouTube Channel.

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Our itd Advanced Resource Planning and itd Allocation Editor manuals contain all the information users and administrators need for your version of the tool.

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Remote Access and Maintenance

TeamViewer is automatically downloaded. Please run the downloaded file and provide the support staff with your ID and password.

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Support for Meisterplan

Meisterplan Help Center

Our Meisterplan Help Center has everything you need to use Meisterplan, from release notes and documentation to step-by-step instructions.

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Video Tutorials

Our Meisterplan video tutorials show you how the software can make your life easier and how you can use the features sensibly for lean portfolio management.

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Templates and Downloads

We would like to offer you a concise summary of the most important aspects of PPM as they relate to meetings, roles, or processes.

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Our Support Services for Clarity PPM

We will continue to be there for you to help you with the day-to-day operation of your Clarity PPM (CA PPM) after the pack is successfully installed. Use our services to continuously optimize your Clarity PPM, adapt it to any changed requirements, and ensure that your daily use of the software goes smoothly.

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