itdesign Clarity SaaS: Hosting and Operation by the Experts

itdesign is your partner for everything involving your Clarity: We take care of the hosting and operation for your application as well.

Everything under One Roof for Your Clarity

Whether you are just about to implement Clarity or you already run an on-premises Clarity: Under our itdesign SaaS solution for Clarity, our infrastructure and application experts will host your system. We will also take care of technical support and optimization (application management). Since we have direct access to your infrastructure and applications, we offer quick and efficient analyses and improvements.

You get an all-round hassle-free package. Rest assured that your system will work reliably at all times, and that your data will be safe. You get all of this from a single partner.

Hosting for Your Clarity

  • Servers and databases hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Germany
  • Compliance with security standards through ISO 27001 certification
  • Login with Single Sign-on
  • Set up your mail server and your own domain
  • Licenses for databases included

Application Management and Operation

  • Technical system support, including backup management and automatic monitoring
  • Best practices and admin console for maintaining your Clarity system
  • Your systems kept up-to-date
  • Compliance with security standards such as access control, virus scanning, and VPC


  • All licenses needed for operation included
  • Support also included

itdesign Clarity SaaS – Your All-Round Hassle-Free Package

  • ISO-certified partner: Thanks to our ISO certification, the security of your data is ensured.
  • German data center: We maintain your system at an AWS data center in Germany.
  • Highest availability: Your system is available at all times and runs at high performance.
  • Customized adaptation: You can still fully customize Clarity to your heart’s content.
  • Full system access: You retain full access to your Clarity system.
  • Maximum flexibility: We guarantee the highest level of flexibility with updates and upgrades.
  • Secure deployments: Deployments are delivered quickly without restricting your operations.
  • Active monitoring: Automated monitoring allow us to react quickly to any occurring issue.
  • Dedicated contact person: A contact person at itdesign is assigned to you to answer all issues.
  • Buy or rent licenses: You can buy or rent the licenses for your SaaS system.
  • Service level agreements: You may conclude a joint Service Level Agreement.
  • Premium support: You will receive the best possible support from itdesign for any concerns.
  • Easy migration: Migrate from on-premises to SaaS in three easy steps with our migration service.
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Optional Services

These optional services from itdesign allow you to simplify the operation and integration of Clarity into your system landscape as required.

Flexible Reporting with Clarity as the Database

Use the reporting tool of your choice to generate reports in the way your users are already familiar with – seamlessly integrated thanks to the latest OData standard interface.

Learn more

Automated Provisioning of User Accounts in Clarity

Data exchange according to SCIM standard: Use your existing identity directory as a basis for automated user and resource provisioning in Clarity and save yourself unnecessary additional effort.

Learn more

Thanks to itdesign Clarity SaaS, we can benefit, for example, from scaling the provision of hardware or IT infrastructure to meet our needs and be flexible. This allows us to focus on the application itself rather than on the infrastructure for that tool. 


Stephan Watzka, Director Engineering R&D

We chose itdesign Clarity SaaS because here Clarity is hosted in the AWS cloud, which is operated in Germany. This gives us peace of mind about our data security. We found this solution very appealing and a good fit for our existing software infrastructure. Most importantly, it was compatible with our internal Information Security.

SGL Carbon GmbH

Andrea Obernolte, Process Owner

Benefits for All Stakeholders

In addition to IT staff, the itdesign Clarity SaaS solution also affords users, executives, the overall organization, as well as application owners with benefits. We have summarized the key advantages for you.

Benefits for Clarity Users

  • Access to new features thanks to regular and faster upgrades
  • Leveraging software innovations and best practices
  • Using the software to its full potential
  • More efficient operation and greater acceptance
  • Best possible performance and availability
  • Secure deployment without having to disrupt operations
  • Fast and reliable support

Management & Organizational Benefits

  • Maximum security thanks to a comprehensive set of measures that go beyond the legally required minimum
  • Supporting your cloud strategy and ensuring that you stay competitive over the long term
  • Protecting your past and future Clarity investments
  • Making optimal use of resources and internal bottleneck resource relief

Benefits for Your Internal IT

  • Relieving the IT employees and resolving bottlenecks
  • Freeing capacity to be able to focus on other strategic issues
  • Outsourcing operational responsibility to a service provider
  • Saving costs thanks to fewer investments in hardware

Benefits for the Application Manager

  • One single partner for all Clarity-related matters
  • Faster and more competent support, as well as a clear division of responsibilities
  • Efficient solutions and best practices from experts
  • Assurance that Clarity will remain relevant for the company over the long term
itdesign ISO 27001 Certificate Logo

ISO Certification

We attach great importance to information security. That is why the itdesign SaaS solution for Clarity PPM has been certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2017 since August 2019.

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Migration: 3 Steps from On-Premises to SaaS

When you are ready to move your existing Clarity system to our itdesign Clarity SaaS we know exactly what to do. Depending on the number of your interfaces to third-party systems, we will create an individual schedule for your migration process. Typically, the transition is a process of three steps:

Step 1: System Assessment

  • itdesign performs an assessment of your Clarity system and your interfaces to third-party systems.
  • We create a security and data protection compliant migration concept for your applications and build transport mechanisms for data transfer.

Step 2: Testing

  • itdesign sets up a SaaS test system with all interfaces and makes access data (URL) available to you.
  • You will take care of network activation and whitelisting.
  • You test the access to all functions as well as the functionality of your interfaces in the test system within an agreed period of time.

Step 3: Go-live

  • After a successful test phase, we plan to release the productive system by a mutually agreed deadline.
  • You communicate the new URL to your users, administrators and all relevant stakeholders.
  • We take your new itdesign Clarity SaaS system live and you shut down the previous systems.

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itdesign Clarity SaaS – Hosting & Operation by the Experts

itdesign is your partner for everything involving your Clarity PPM: We take care of the hosting and operation for your application as well. Learn more about our SaaS services in this document.



Is our data actually safe in the cloud?

We want you to be able to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and to be successful and competitive in the long run. We don’t want you to feel like your data is in the wrong hands. You should be confident that you have entrusted it to someone you can trust. To earn this trust, we do everything in our power to offer our customers the greatest possible security:

ISO-certified partner: Data security is extremely important to us, which is why our itdesign SaaS solution for Clarity PPM has been ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified since August 2019.

German data center: Because your data is stored at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Frankfurt, it is subject to the data protection laws in force in Germany.

Certified hosting provider: We host your data with the service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), so you get the benefit of its tested security concept that has been certified multiple times.

Premium support in German and English: Our support team can assist you in either English or Germany. 

Technical and organizational measures: For your maximum protection, we keep our TOMS up to date and review them continuously.

Highest standard security process: We have developed an automated and standardized security process that eliminates the possibility of human error. We are constantly working to develop it further.

Deletion certification upon cancellation: You retain complete control over your data at all times. If you want to cancel your system or hosting with us, we will delete all data at your request.

Individual agreements: Depending on what is important to you and the relevant environmental parameters, we will be happy to conclude customized agreements with you to ensure the secure connection of your third-party systems, for example.

Is a SaaS solution more expensive than an on-premises installation?

On-premises costs may seem lower at first glance, but this can be deceptive if you neglect to consider all the relevant factors. Our recommendation: Make sure you consider the Total Cost of Ownership of an on-premises solution when making your cost assessment. In addition to the purchase price of the licenses, this would include the hardware, maintenance, databases, and operating systems running costs, as well as personnel expenses. Also, don’t forget about the opportunity cost of missing upgrades.

With the itdesign Clarity SaaS solution, you get an all-round hassle-free package. Experts take over the operation and hosting of your application – with no hidden costs.

Does a SaaS solution put our internal IT at risk?

Switching to Clarity SaaS doesn’t mean that now all of a sudden your IT employees no longer have anything to do. Quite the opposite: There is merely a shift in their job responsibilities.

The only difference is that now you have a specialized service provider taking care of the Clarity administration and operation. Your IT now has more capacity to devote itself to other strategically relevant topics that drive your company forward.

Get Your All-Round Hassle-Free SaaS Package

We would be happy to see what a customized hosting solution for your Clarity system with itdesign might look like and answer any questions you may have.

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