Clarity Modules and Features

Clarity PPM offers all the features you need for successful project and portfolio management: From ideas, projects, resources, and finances to portfolios.

All Features in One Tool

You Only Use the Features You Need

Clarity PPM (formerly CA PPM) software for project and portfolio management offers an impressively wide range of features that is way ahead of other solutions. The really cool thing is this: Thanks to the modular structure, you only use the features that you actually need. As your company grows and your requirements change, Clarity simply grows along with you. You can add new features to the software at any time and guarantee that it remains relevant for your company over the long term.

Overview of the Features and Benefits of Clarity PPM

  • Clarity Benefits and Features

    With Clarity, you get all the features you need in one tool so you can truly achieve success in your project and portfolio management. We have summarized the key features and their associated business benefits for you in a single document.


Project Management

  • Collection of project master data
  • Integrated chat and notification function
  • Staffing of project roles and resources
  • Gantt chart overview, task board, and to-do list
  • Dependencies and relationships
  • Scenario planning and basic plan creation
  • Save project plans as templates
  • Risk, issue, or change management
  • Integrated status reporting
  • Task overview at the project, team, and resource level
  • Time tracking
  • Agile, classic, and hybrid project management
  • Document management

Roadmapping and Portfolio Management

  • Strategic roadmapping
  • User-definable portfolios
  • Allocation based on self-defined criteria and aspects
  • Time-scaled aggregation of costs and budgets
  • Ranking and prioritization of projects in portfolios
  • Scenario planning and comparison in portfolios
  • Waterline
  • Multi-invest portfolios

Insights into Clarity PPM

Project Management


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Finance Management


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Product Management

  • Scheduling and configuring your specific investments such as products, epics, goals, or programs, for example
  • Mapping of all investments and their dependencies in the form of hierarchies
  • Presentation of the requirements with type descriptions, an overview of the current product costs, expenses, as well as development projects and company priorities
  • Roadmapping: Strategic product development and release schedule
  • Agile software development, for example, via a Jira connection
  • Application management
  • Reporting and dashboards

Resource Management

  • Cross-project resource planning at the role, person, and team level
  • Support of allocation as well as assignment of planning options
  • Transparency of the degree of utilization and capacity at the person, department, and project level
  • Maintenance of resource master data, such as availability, contact information, allocation to organizational unit or skill management
  • Providing resource requests to resource managers (hard and soft allocations of resources)
  • Scenario simulation

itd Advanced Resource Planning

The Solution for Professional Resource Planning in Clarity PPM

  • All relevant information at a glance
  • Changing of allocations and assignments for projects
  • Visible real-time resource utilization across all projects and investments
  • Global utilization views for the graphic representation of bottlenecks
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Comprehensive configurable filter options
  • Scenario planning for allocations
  • Moving entire project phases with one drag of the mouse
  • Illustration of a Gantt chart
  • Excel export of the viewed data
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Demand Management

  • Recommendations and ideas for new products, services, and initiatives
  • Incidents or problems
  • Project inquiries
  • Service and support inquiries
  • Ability to freely determine the evaluation criteria for demands
  • Configurable approval and workflow processes
  • Attachment of files

Financial Management

  • Putting together a cost matrix for resources and roles
  • Presentation of cost, performance, and budget plans
  • Calculation of key performance indicators
  • Extensibility via user-defined metrics
  • Numerous report templates and dashboards
  • Reports on project finances with the desired level of granularity
  • Sharing and integration of financial information with ERP systems


  • Real-time portlets for creating your own user-defined dashboards
  • Fully integrated reporting engine with TIBCO Jaspersoft
  • Selection of predefined and individually configurable reports
  • Ability to generate ad hoc reporting either immediately or on a schedule
  • Linking your preferred BI solution
  • Availability on mobile devices

Already Using Another Reporting Tool?

A service for all itdesign Clarity SaaS customers: We provide you with an OData standard interface and you can use the seamlessly integrated reporting tool of your choice that your employees already know.

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Service Management

  • Investment hierarchy: Rolling up of financial figures
  • Profitability analyses of services, customers, and projects
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Line Activities

  • Administrative activities
  • Leave management
  • Planned trainings
  • Process management
  • Time tracking, including on mobile devices

Mobile Time App

  • Time tracking via app for Android and iOS
  • Time tracking and allocation of working hours to projects
  • Approval or rejection of employees' time records
Clarity PPM : Enregistrement rapide de l'heure sur votre smartphone

Mobile Reporting App

  • JasperMobile: Ability to access reports, ad-hoc views and dashboards via smartphone and tablet
  • Login using Clarity PPM credentials
  • Immediate insight into your Clarity PPM Advanced Reporting content
Clarity PPM : Vue d'ensemble de vos projets même en déplacement avec JasperMobile

Experience These Features in Real Time!

I would be happy to demonstrate the features of Clarity PPM to you in a live system. Let me know what you are particularly interested in, and then we can arrange our first web session together.

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