Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Clarity

We have collected your questions and answered them.

Target Group and Customers

Which industries, companies and departments use Clarity PPM?

The use of Clarity PPM is not limited to specific industries. The software is used by customers in every industry. There are also no restrictions with regard to the departments at the company. Clarity PPM is used for IT projects as well as in areas such as research and development, sales, marketing, and all other business units.

How big does a company need to be for it to make sense to use Clarity PPM?

Clarity PPM is the right solution for medium-sized and enterprise-class companies. Whether or not it makes sense depends on the individual case. The number of future software users and the projects that are to be mapped in the system provide some level of general guidance. Experience shows that Clarity PPM makes sense when there are more than 50 users. There is no upper limit. The largest system in use to date has more than 100,000 users.

How does Clarity PPM differ from comparable solutions on the market?

With Clarity PPM, you get all the features that you need for your operational and strategic project and portfolio management in one software package. Thanks to its individual configuration options, it can be optimally adapted to the needs of your company. The modern user interface and interactive communication options increase the level of user acceptance and facilitate the change process. Clarity PPM is continuously being developed, and it has been a market leader for many years. This has also been confirmed by independent analysts, including Gartner, IDC, Forrester, and LeBihan.

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Licensing and Purchase

How much does Clarity PPM cost? What licensing models are available?

You can buy or rent licenses for Clarity PPM. The price depends on the number of users, the types of access rights they need, and the desired operating model (SaaS or on-premise). Licensing for Clarity PPM takes place through so-called named user licenses. There are three distinct user groups: 

  • Full Function Users (access to all functions)
  • Restricted Users (restricted access)
  • View-Only Users (read access with some write privileges)

How can we get licenses for Clarity PPM?

You can purchase licenses through selected partners (Tier 1 partners) of the manufacturer Broadcom, such as itdesign. As the largest Tier 1 partner in Europe, we are at your disposal to answer any further questions you may have about licensing. In addition to purchasing, you also have the option of renting licenses.

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Implementation and Change

Can we test and see Clarity PPM with no obligations?

We will provide you with a test version on request. We recommend that you join us for a short phone call beforehand to determine whether Clarity PPM suits your requirements. We would be happy to join you for your first look at the tool in a live demo.

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Is it possible to use just individual modules of the Clarity software package?

Clarity includes a number of different features. However, you only use the modules that you really need. The nice thing is this: All mo