Frequently Asked Questions about itd Advanced Resource Planning

Find helpful information in case you are already familiar with Clarity PPM, but not yet with the itd Advanced Resource Planning add-on.

Benefits for Your Teams

What are the benefits of itd Advanced Resource Planning compared to the standard version of Clarity?

With itd Advanced Resource Planning as an addition to your Clarity you can assess the cross-project utilization of your teams, roles, or employees at a glance. Thanks to extensive filter options, all relevant information is visible to you.

Simulations and scenarios support your decision-making process: When is the optimal project start time? What resources are available? Do you need additional resources?

Resource requests can be processed quickly and intuitively via drag-and-drop. You can also compare actual and planned values at a glance and identify deviations immediately. We would be happy to give you a live demo and show you the differences between your Clarity system and itd Advanced Resource Planning.

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What benefits does the solution offer for project managers?

Even when planning their projects, project managers can see whether and when the required teams, roles, or employees are available. When shifting tasks or entire phases, you can keep an eye on the workload of the project team at all times. This helps ensure that the workload is sensibly distributed among the team members.

Thanks to real-time visual feedback, you can immediately see where bottlenecks occur. Simulating different scenarios will help you find the optimal time period and come up with the right resource allocation for your projects.

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What benefits does the solution offer for resource managers and team leaders?

Different traffic light colors will immediately show you who is overloaded and where there is still free capacity available – across all projects. You can also see who is working on which projects, as well as vacation planning and other projects. The filter options allow to achieve a customized view. You only see the resources that are relevant to you.

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Use Cases and Features

Can you add and edit tasks directly in the tool?

Yes, you can create tasks, move their position on the timeline, and change the duration of each task without having to switch between the views. You can also assign roles to tasks and create dependencies between different tasks.

Can we create simulations or scenarios and compare different planning options?

There are two ways to do this. On the one hand, you can create different scenarios in scenario mode. The second option is even easier: drag and drop tasks, phases, and projects until you are satisfied with your planning. Your changes only affect the data in Clarity once you have explicitly saved them. Until you finally confirm them, all changes are only temporary. So you can try out various options without obligation.

Can we add custom objects and additional filters?

Yes, you can add any information to your view that you feel is relevant to you, such as additional columns or specific filters.

Is it possible to plan on a weekly basis?

You can plan on a weekly basis. You can even plan daily as well as monthly, quarterly, annually, or by reporting periods. Select the desired planning period with a single click.

How many time slices are displayed in the tool?

itd Advanced Resource Planning displays an unlimited number of time slices. You can determine the number freely in accordance with your requirements.

Is mixed booking possible?

Yes. You can filter by the status of the request and quickly find the right candidate to fill a specific role. You can then suggest an employee or book one permanently based on your planning process.

Can we see task or project requests and staff them immediately?

Yes. You can filter by the status of the request and quickly find the right candidate to fill a specific role. You can then suggest an employee or book one permanently based on your planning process.

Is there a way to substitute resources for tasks or projects?

To replace a resource in itd Advanced Resource Planning, simply drag and drop the new resource from the resources section onto the task or project. The previously allocated resource is automatically replaced. Copy the estimated effort to the newly occupied resource with a single click. You get an immediate overview of the resource utilization.

Is it possible to use the tool for a single project? Can it be used across multiple projects?

Yes and yes. You can use the tool to plan resources for a single project (Single Mode) as well as across multiple projects (Global Mode). If you are working in Single Mode, we recommend that you use the “Show team only” filter so that only your team is shown.

Where does the displayed data come from?

itd Advanced Resource Planning is a portlet in Clarity PPM. That means you are using the same data that is stored in your Clarity PPM, though it is displayed in a more transparent and efficient view and optimized for professional resource planning. So there is no additional effort required on your part to maintain the data.

Will my edits in itd Advanced Resource Planning affect the data in Clarity PPM?

The data in your Clarity PPM system will change as soon as you click “Save” in itd Advanced Resource Planning, since your data originally came from there. Before saving, you can use drag-and-drop to create various scenarios, without affecting your data.

Can actuals be displayed directly in the tool?

Yes, several values, such as actual values, ETC, and soft or hard allocations can be displayed in a single cell.

Is there an option to set default filters for all users?

Admins can configure default filters and views for all users.

Trial and Implementation

Where can we get itd Advanced Resource Planning?

You can get the solution directly from itdesign. We will be happy to show you the tool in a live demo first. Afterwards you have the opportunity to test itd Advanced Resource Planning for 30 days free of charge. We would also be happy to support you during the installation on your system. Starting with Clariy 15.8 the add-on is even pre-installed.

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How can I request a demo?

We would be happy to present itd Advanced Resource Planning to you in a live demo. Just contact us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Is there a free trial version?

We would be happy to set up a free 30-day test version for you on your Clarity system.

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What does the itd Advanced Resource Planning solution cost?

As is the case with Clarity, the costs will depend on your requirements and the number of users. We would be happy to make you a custom offer.

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Is itd Advanced Resource Planning compatible with the Clarity Modern UX?

Yes, itd Advanced Resource Planning can be integrated into the Modern UX. If you are running an on-premise installation, you can use Global Channels to navigate directly to the tool. SaaS customers can access itd Advanced Resource Planning (Clarity 15.7 and higher) with a global link. We would be happy to support you with the installation.

Do You Have Any Further Questions or Want to Experience the Tool Live?

We will gladly answer your questions in person and show you the features and benefits of itd Advanced Resource Planning in a live demo. I can't wait to hear from you!

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Professional Resource Planning in Clarity PPM

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