Reliable Planning with Milestone Trend Analyses for Clarity

Keep the overview of your project planning with a milestone trend analysis in Clarity.

Business Case: Exact and Reliable Project Planning

Continuously monitoring the progress of your projects contributes to realistic planning in Clarity. Without this control, you may not be able to detect delays in a timely manner. As a result, you may not be able to meet deadlines and will need to reschedule subprojects.

Our Solution: Milestone Trend Analysis in Clarity

With the customized milestone trend analysis, you can reliably monitor planning accuracy in Clarity. Using the graphically illustrated analysis, you can continuously monitor project progress and identify deviations right away. Ideally, the course is horizontal and even. Outliers up or down indicate an inaccuracy in planning. This gives you the opportunity to counteract with foresight and to derive the right measures.

Added Value for Your Business

  • Realistic project planning through continuous monitoring of progress
  • Clear presentation of all milestones and the course of the project in one graphic
  • Timely intervention and derivation of the necessary measures in case of delays
Monitor your planning in Clarity PPM thanks to the milestone trend analysis

Possible Features

  • Milestone trend analysis to monitor project progress based on changes to project and baseline plan
  • Display in the Clarity project dashboard
  • Ability to filter individual milestones at project level
  • Image export of milestone trend analysis
  • Ability to filter specific projects and milestone categories at program level

Tell Us What You Need, We Develop It for You!

We would be happy to develop a suitable milestone trend analysis in Clarity for you. Or do you have another specific requirement for your system? Tell us what you need – we would be happy to develop it for you.

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