itdesign and Its Partners Founded the PPM Global Alliance

Five international companies who are enthusiastic about PPM have decided to pool their resources and strengthen the partnership.


Partner, itdesign

With PPM Global Alliance, five international companies who are enthusiastic about PPM have taken their long-term collaboration to a whole new level. The forum for the exchange of best practices, resources, and knowledge helps us to implement our common goal even better: to provide companies all around the world with excellent project portfolio management software and services and create real added value.

Your company can now benefit from PPM Global Alliance and use it to implement, support, or migrate your project portfolio management as well as to improve your processes.

Your Benefits

  • Experienced project portfolio management consultants
  • Global network of software and service providers
  • Combined knowledge and shared resources and tools

Our Values

  • Determined to increase the level of customer satisfaction
  • Collaboration to achieve excellence
  • Trust, openness, and integrity
  • Continuous drive towards innovation in PPM

Learn More about the PPM Global Alliance

Find out more about the network of like-minded PPM experts, our mission, and how you can benefit from it.

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