itdesign ist Tier 1 Partner von CA Technologies für Clarity PPM


itdesign is Now CA Technologies’ Top Partner in Europe

The US software manufacturer has selected itdesign as a Tier 1 partner for Clarity PPM.



itdesign Is Now a Tier 1 Partner

By taking over the software manufacturer CA Technologies, Broadcom Inc. has set a new course for the future. The CA PPM software for project and portfolio management has already been renamed using the old name, Clarity PPM, and thanks to its expanded feature set and new user interface, it is now more attractive than ever. CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, has also adjusted the partner structure. Today we can proudly announce that itdesign has been appointed as the only CA Authorized Tier 1 partner for Germany, and it is therefore now the largest partner in Europe.

How do itdesign Customers Benefit?

  • As a Tier 1 partner, we cooperate directly and closely with CA Technologies. Other partners (Tier 2) are now purchasing licenses through us.
  • We continue to work closely with CA Technologies and exert a strong influence on the further development of Clarity PPM.
  • Through our partnership in the PPM Global Alliance, we bundle together resources, knowledge, and experience.

Why Was itdesign Selected as a Tier 1 Partner?

  • We have had a close relationship with CA Technologies for over 15 years now.
  • Our innovative and customized additional developments for Clarity PPM as well as our excellent support distinguished us as the strongest partner in Europe even before the takeover by Broadcom.
  • itdesign has made a significant contribution to the success that Clarity PPM enjoys today. Phoenix UI, which we developed as an intuitive user interface, has now been incorporated into the standard version of the software. Clarity PPM users around the world use our itd Advanced Resource Planning innovation for simple and efficient resource management.
  • We offer more than just software implementation services and customized adjustments: We also train our customers on how to use the software and provide all services related to the use of Clarity PPM.
  • itdesign brings customers together. The company organizes the annual PPM conference to help project and portfolio management experts share best practices.

All the Services You Need under One Roof

Proactive Consulting

Properly manage your projects, resources, and portfolios in order to obtain the maximum benefit. We apply our methodology and knowledge of best practices for your benefit.

Best-in-Breed Software

We want our customers to successfully implement their projects. To this end, we rely on Clarity PPM for comprehensive and Meisterplan for lean project portfolio management.

Technical Implementation

We offer the right kinds of services so that you can work with your software quickly and hassle-free. From installation and customized modifications to hosting and support.

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