Flexible Reporting with Clarity as the Database

Use the reporting tool of your choice – seamlessly integrated thanks to the latest OData standard interface.

Business Case

Intuitive Report Generation Using the Tool of Your Choice

Are our project budgets being met? What is the current status of our strategic goals? What data does our management need for the next portfolio meeting? In-depth reporting and analyses of your company’s activities are essential, including for measuring success as well as achieving a strategic orientation and better overall decision-making.

With Clarity as the single source of truth in your company, you have a database full of relevant data from your projects and other investments. The ability to select meaningful data that is attractively visualized will make or break your reporting. The best way to do this is to use a suitable tool that your users already know and that is already integrated into your software infrastructure. Perhaps you also have specific guidelines as to how and where data should be further processed, such as, for example, in an Excel template?

Simply exporting and importing data is often inconvenient and prone to errors. And not every reporting solution meets the criteria mentioned above.

Our Solution

Seamless Integration With the OData Standard

We have the solution for all itdesign Clarity SaaS customers: an interface based on the latest OData standard that allows you to query data from the Clarity database. The advantage is that it lets you use the reporting tool of your choice. The data transfer works smoothly and easily: You select the data in the Clarity data warehouse that you would like to make available.  You retrieve the desired data with just a few clicks in the reporting tool of your choice (e.g., Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Tableau) and assemble the desired attributes and objects for reporting. You can use all popular features, such as filters, calculations, and various types of visualizations, intuitively and without the need for special training or support from your service provider.

One further added value: You can control and restrict data access based on your rights assignment in Clarity. This ensures that individual users or rights groups can only see the data that they actually need at the project and resource level in the reporting tool. 

Added Value for Your Company

  • Seamless integration of your reporting tool thanks to the modern OData interface
  • No need to learn a new tool
  • Quick and secure transfer of Clarity data to the desired reporting tool
  • Efficient data exchange without the need to export and import large amounts of data
  • Easy sharing of (editable) reports with many people
  • Flexible and independent report generation process
  • Cost savings thanks to low development effort and need for training
  • Low manual effort to generate reports
  • Low initial setup effort on the customer's side
  • Release security and support due to the use of a standard instead of a special solution

Operating Principle

An OData Standard Reporting Interface

itdesign Clarity SaaS Service: Flexible Reporting thanks to OData Interface

We use the latest technology to transfer data between Clarity and your reporting tool: an interface based on the REST1 and OData standards. 

OData stands for the Open Data Protocol. It is an https-based protocol published by Microsoft that enables data exchange between compatible cloud software solutions.

Our OData service gives you read-only access to the data in Clarity’s data warehouse. The Clarity database is integrated into your reporting tool as a data source via URL and login and can be accessed and further processed there. The bottom line is that all you need are login credentials to itdesign’s OData service and your reporting platform.

1 REST stands for Representational State Transfer, a programming paradigm that is intended for creating machine-readable web-based applications.

Look at the Tool

These Functions Bring Your Added Value

  • Read-only access to your Clarity database
  • Data linking and combining of different queries
  • Easy data updates after making changes in Clarity
  • Support for all popular features, e.g., views, filters, and different visualization types
  • Three different login types for the OData service (Shared user, Clarity user, Single Sign-on)
  • Incorporation of the Clarity rights concept right in the reporting tool
  • Integration of reports via channels into the Clarity interface
  • Optional: custom views (pre-filtered data that is perfectly tailored to your needs)

Ready for Reporting According to Your Wishes?

We will be happy to support you on your way to reporting that meets your requirements. Our service team is ready and activates the OData service for your Clarity system as well.

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