Managing OKRs in Clarity

Put your business goals at the center of your daily activities.

Business Case: OKR as a Management Method

The OKR method is a proven and highly successful management framework that is currently used by numerous companies as a framework for goal setting. The two central levers here are objectives (“O” for objectives) and results (“KR” for key results).

Companies that want to introduce OKRs or are already working with them must decide which tool to use for implementation. The good news is that OKRs can be perfectly mapped, organized, and tracked in Clarity. Hence, there is no need to implement and work with another tool. We show you how to successfully manage OKRs in Clarity.

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Our Solution: Mapping OKRs in Clarity

We are happy to help you configure and implement OKRs in Clarity. Using Custom Investments, you can easily map your strategy, objectives, and key results in Clarity. As a result, your OKR management runs in the same tool as your PPM, and strategy and objectives are closely linked to day-to-day processes. Correlations between strategy, objectives, and results can be mapped and overseen via a hierarchy.

Thanks to Clarity’s flexibility, you can easily customize all necessary metrics and views as you need them at that moment. We integrate your Power BI reports or jointly configure individual dashboards to provide you with up-to-date status reports on the progress of your OKRs at any time. An automatic reminder email sent to all KR managers ensures that all entries are made on time.

Because we ourselves at itdesign have been working with OKRs in Clarity for some time and have already helped several customers implement their own solutions, we can also share best practices and our experiences with you.

Added Value for Your Business

  • Exploit synergistic effects with Clarity – an already established tool
  • Increase visibility and transparency of business goals
  • Link project and OKR management and make contributions to goals visible
  • Have fun working with OKRs due to the high user-friendliness of Clarity
  • Edit simultaneously in the tool without needing to spend time on manual consolidation
  • Map individual processes thanks to Clarity's flexibility
  • Monitor progress with clear status reporting
  • Track the history of KRs and identify trends at an early stage
  • Obtain an overview of interrelationships in a hierarchy view

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Possible Features

  • Automatic calculation of customer-specific key figures and benchmarks
  • Highlighting of positive and negative deviations by color
  • Wide range of filter and configuration options for creating individual views
  • Display of current interim results in a status report
  • Configuration of additional dashboards to meet you individual needs
  • Visual representation of the OKR hierarchy using the Hierarchy module
  • Weekly reminder mail to all KR managers
  • Customized assignment of edit rights and view rights

Tell Us What You Need, We Develop It for You!

We would be pleased to help you map your OKR management in Clarity and offer you a comprehensive service package from a single source. Take advantage of our own experiences and best practices. Or do you have another specific requirement for your system? Tell us what you need. We would be happy to develop it for you.

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