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At a Glance: All Highlights of Clarity Release 16.1.2

The brand new Clarity release comes with several new features and exciting improvements that will make your daily work easier and more intuitive.

June 1, 2023

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We have already tested the new version 16.1.2 and have compiled the highlights of the latest version here for you at a glance.

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Progress in Investment Management

Valuable time savings and an increased level of customization options are provided by:

New Functions

  • Copying tasks between investments or within an investment
Clarity Release 16.1.2: Investment Management
  • Representing more complex Task Dependencies in the Details Fly-out
  • Configuring which Investments can be mapped to a Parent Investment

Continuous Improvement of Advanced Visualizations, Such As

  • Expanding Chart Widgets to display more values
  • Reorder and group tiles in the Custom Investment & Custom Object workspaces
  • PDF export of all Canvases

Any Questions?

We are happy to answer any of your questions and to help you with the implementation of Clarity 16.1.2.

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Resource Management Taken a Step Further

These additional functions support you in resource planning and also contribute to more efficient work in Clarity:

Staffing – Allocation Timeline

  • Set percentage over/under allocation thresholds
  • Additional options for Hard Allocations (e.g., filtering, columns)


  • Blueprint enabled, with Custom Sub-Object and Channel support
Clarity Release 16.1.2: Resource Management

Lifecycle Management

New notification features and enhanced audits let you see the information you want, whenever you want it:

Notifications in Smart Automation

  • New library available to create general notifications
  • User configuration settings for general notifications
Clarity Release 16.1.2: Lifecycle Management

Extended Audit Trail Can Be Activated For

  • Investment Financial Plans and details
  • 3rd Level Sub-Objects

Business Intelligence & Mobile

Less effort and increased recognition value in the areas of Business Intelligence & Mobile are enabled by the new functions for returning own timesheets and for branding the app in your corporate design.

Top-down Planning

These new features for Top-down Planning reduce your effort and suit your individual preferences for displays:


  • Updated default selection when syncing linked items from “Without Events” to “With Events”
  • Option to sync Parent & Type fields
  • Timeline View with convenient "Snap to Period" function (BETA)


  • Different layout options for hierarchies (horizontal, vertical, structure, double line, compact)
Clarity Release 16.1.2: Hierarchies
  • Introducing Canvas functionality, including Table and Chart Widgets

Plans in Workforce Modeling (BETA)

  • Support to manage “working copy” vs. “version copy”
  • Possibility to associate the Plan object with an OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure)

OKR Management

With the introduction of a new out-of-the-box module “Objectives & Key Results”, your business targets and their actual progress become the focus of your daily activities.

Clarity Release 16.1.2: OKR Management
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Suggestions for Improvement from Clarity Users

Your requirements are as individual as your company and your staff. Therefore, feedback is a valuable resource to keep growing together. These suggestions from the Customer Voice are now available:

  • Enhanced grid support to "Group By" up to three attributes
  • Option to hide or show Totals row aggregation values in all grids
  • Boards: Automatically hide the "None" column and swim lane when empty
  • Import of Custom (Master) Objects as CSV file now also supports TSVs (Time Scaled Values)
  • Option to prioritize access rights over Field Level Security (FLS)
  • Fundamentally improved accessibility in the context of WCAG 2.1 AA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) in the areas of visual design, responsive design, keyboard and, screen readers
  • New visual indicator that identifies an unsaved state for a new row in the grid (in addition to the colour)
Clarity Release 16.1.2: Customer Voice

Insights into the Tool

The Innovations of Clarity 16.1.2


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Webcast on the New Release

In Broadcom’s free webcast on Thursday, June 22nd at 7:00 PM CET, you will get to know all the innovations of Clarity 16.1.2.

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Release Notes

Details and full explanation of all changes of the upgrade to Clarity 16.1.2 can be found in the Broadcom release notes.

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