Versicherungskammer's Success Story with Clarity and itdesign

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Versicherungskammer’s Success Story Using Clarity

Key success factors to ensuring the optimal use of Clarity have been the customized interfaces to existing systems as well as the itd Advanced Resource Planning add-on.

November 25, 2021

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A Foundation for Comprehensive & Centralized Capacity Planning

One of Versicherungskammer Group’s key objectives was to establish a solid basis for fully and centrally mapping the planned capacity of employees. The company also needed more transparency when it came to project and line planning. They needed a tool-based solution to properly address these challenges and optimize Versicherungskammer’s resource and project management.


Clarity with Add-on and Interfaces as a Bespoke Solution

In 2015, the Versicherungskammer’s project team decided to use Clarity as their tool of choice. Clarity replaced the existing Augeo project portfolio management tool, so itdesign had to migrate the projects and tasks to the new solution.

  • Solutions used: Clarity, itd Advanced Resource Planning
  • Use cases: project and resource management
  • In use since 2005 by the IT department
  • Interfaces: Jira, SAP, P&I Loga

Today, the IT department uses Clarity for resource and project management. The project budgeting, among other tasks, is also performed in Clarity. As of 2019, agile processes are also mapped in Clarity. During the course of the implementation, itdesign ended up developing several individual interfaces to enable all of this as well as to ensure that the solution could be adapted as Versicherungskammer’s needs evolved. These would help ensure that existing systems, such as SAP and Jira, could be successfully integrated into the new tool.

Interfaces Between Jira, Clarity & itd Advanced Resource Planning

One of the key benefits is that the interface with Jira does a great deal to help promote Clarity’s functionality and acceptance at the company: The IT department continues to capture its time information in Jira. The annual skill level planning is performed here as well. The information is then automatically transferred to Clarity, which is where the line managers take care of the actual resource planning with the help of the itd Advanced Resource Planning add-on.

Clarity is used for the maintenance of project and resource information also. The automatic data synchronization with Jira removes the need for additional manual effort. The Versicherungskammer benefits from the way the two solutions work together.

Application Management by itdesign

But itdesign also takes care of Clarity application management – whether it be support issues, such as system availability, performance, release upgrades, and server administration, or additional development for the system.

The system is therefore always up to date, allowing Versicherungskammer’s IT department to focus on other important strategic issues.

itdesign takes care of Versicherungskammer's Clarity application management. This allows us to ensure smooth operation and focus on important internal projects.


Martin Degener-Koziol, Responsible for IT Strategy – Topics and Processes


Transparency, High User Acceptance & Relief for IT Department

Versicherungskammer’s implementation of Clarity and itd Advanced Resource Planning give it a solid basis for increased transparency and security in resource planning. The comprehensive mapping of available and planned employee capacity in Clarity as a central solution adds a great deal of value that extends across the entire organization.

Thanks to the integration of existing third-party systems as well as the development of individual interfaces by itdesign, the company’s employees are able to continuously take advantage of established tools without having to worry about extra effort or loss of data. Application management by itdesign also ensures that the system always performs at a high level and is always up to date.

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The Summarized Success Story

Versicherungskammer Group’s Success Story with Clarity and itdesign

Interfaces to third-party systems, itd Advanced Resource Planning, and external application management: These and other factors ensure optimal use of Clarity at Versicherungskammer.


About Versicherungskammer

The Versicherungskammer Group is the largest public insurer nationwide and now the seventh-largest primary insurer in Germany. In the fiscal year 2020, it generated premium income of 9.36 billion Euros. With its regional corporations, the company is active in Bavaria, the Palatinate, Saarland, Berlin, and Brandenburg. Together with the other public insurers, the health insurer of the S-Finanzgruppe operates nationwide.

  • Insurance
  • Headquartered in Munich
  • Founded in 1811
  • 6,900 employees
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