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Your Customer Engagement Opportunities with Clarity

Broadcom provides you with the opportunity to ask open-ended questions, raise your own ideas, get exclusive advice, and obtain the latest information on Clarity.

December 21, 2021

Web Sessions, Clarity

Web Sessions at a Glance

The software manufacturer Broadcom hosts six different Clarity software web sessions where you have the opportunity to address open-ended questions, give honest feedback, contribute your own ideas, and stay up to date with the latest Clarity innovations.

Product Management Office Hours

Weekly: Wednesday, 05:05-06:25 PM (CET)

  • 80-minute forum in a ‘radio talk show’ format
  • Ask questions or provide feedback directly to the Product Management team

Registration: Email to with subject ‘Office Hours’.

Clarity Release Previews

Quarterly: Thursday prior to release, 05:05 PM (CET)

  • First demo of the new Clarity features in the respective release
  • Releases: February, May, August, November

Registration: Email to with subject ‘Release Previews’.

Product Roadmap Reviews

Monthly: 1st Tuesday of the month, 05:05 PM (CET)

  • Insight into industry trends underlying the overall Clarity product strategy
  • Product management’s approach to respond to these trends & currently scheduled book of work
  • Research topics for development in upcoming cycles

Clarity Seminar Series

Monthly: 2nd Tuesday of the month, 05:05 PM (CET)

  • Exploration of relevant current topics of keen interest to many customers via discussion and product demonstration
  • Goal: enable you to convey the value of industry best practices to your stakeholders and provide practical product solutions

Registration: via

Registration: Email to with subject ‘Seminar Series’.

Customer Innovation Panel Calls

Monthly: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 05:05 PM (CET)

  • Opportunity for your organization to pitch desired enhancements to other customers in hopes of building consensus support
  • Part of Broadcom’s overall process that governs how to collect and prioritize enhancement requests
  • More details:

Modern UX End-to-End Demos

Monthly: Last Tuesday of the month, 05:05 PM (CET)

  • Full end-to-end demonstration of the Clarity Modern UX, focusing on the relevant use cases that led to its development
  • Goal: help customers plan their transition to or expansion of the Modern UX

Registration (one voting representative per firm): Email to with subject ‘Innovation Panel’.

Registration: Email to with subject ‘Monthly Demo’.

By incorporating customer input directly into software development, Clarity's product management team has raised the bar for other service providers. The rapid and iterative release process ensures that we get bug fixes, improvements, and next generation changes of the solution onto the market and into the hands of the customers on an impressively fast schedule.

Clarity User, in Gartner Peer Review

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